My first grow ever and indoor setup

So this is my first grow ever and I’ve got a good feeling on this did my research on soils, topping, watering, nutrients, pH all that good stuff. I’m currently not temping the tent since it all seems fine to me, but I’ll let some experts take a peak and let me know if I’m doing as well as I think. I’m aware of the overcrowding but these are mostly a test run for me before germination of the autoflower gorilla glue and pop culture pack.


@William04; Looking good. HAPPY GROWING

Very ambitious first grow and they’re looking good! Some look like they’re showing some heat stress but overall doing well.

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There are worse problems to have than overcrowding. :wink::metal: Your first grow is more successful than mine was. :laughing: Welcome and happy growing.

Looking good for a first grow :sunglasses:

How could I resolve this another fan maybe mounted in the corner?

What are your temps?

Not sure I haven’t got the temperature devices yet this was a test run for me next batch I’ll get that and the pH tester. Been playing those two by eye basically and having fox farms happy frog soil helps remove that worry. You have any suggestions for a brand of temp gauge or lights I’ll need to upgrade my current light.

Niceeeeee looks great!

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Here’s some more recent photos applied Trifecta to handle the rather severe mite infestation it’s already killed most of them from first application. Hoping it’ll bounce back a bit before harvest time in about 4 weeks and I’ll have time to flush it.

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