My first grow and my plan. Suggestions sought :)

Thanks for having me! First timer here.

So here is what I am working with.
space- 2x2x72 AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 722
light - HLG 150 rspec (new model, not the Patriot)
vent- Vivasun 4" fan with carbon filter.
Soil- Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Nutrients- none so far. Vendor recommended Canna Bio Vega and Bio Flores which I am happy to buy but I noticed a few well know names that sell a two step for much cheaper (Cronkers, Fox Farm etc…), So this is still tbd.
Pots- Not yet but leaning towards a bundle that includes 5, Vivasun 5 gallon fabric pots and a PH tester.
Targeted Strain- Purple Punch or Banana Purple Punch. Still deciding.

My plan
1. Pop seed and place directing in pot it will be in until harvest. It was suggested having the light 2’ above the seedling and possibly dimming down a little. But by how much I have no clue. Do I want to top dress the FF with something else for this?
2. Bring light down to 15" above the canopy once I have some veg. Adjusting with growth.
3. Booster during flower- I’d love to hear your thoughts on these and also C02.
4. Cross my fingers lol.

So that is the short version. Let me know your thoughts please. TY


Sounds like a solid plan. You have the light so off to a great start. Co2 not needed. Bloom boosters are snake oil. I personally use roadside organics nutes. 2 part. Veg nutes and bloom nutes. VERY reasonably priced. Simple ammend then top dress every 3 to 4 weeks. I also plant direct to final pots a lot. Mostly actually. Dont overthink and you will do well. With decent environment, that great light, and patience you are gucci. I also suggest just 1 plant. 5 gallon and 2x2 works great with 1. Can get her big. Welcome aboard and happy growing.

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FF soil is pretty hot so nutrients aren’t needed for at least 4 weeks. I would only run the light at 25-50% for seedling stage. And about 18” above. Adjust as needed. 2x2 is pretty small I agree anymore than 1 plant will make it like a forest. I vote for Banana purple auto. Isn’t that the one that set a record on 12/23 for the highest THC around 30%? Good luck sounds like you have thought out your process very well. Welcome to the community.

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That’s the thing. This Meanwell driver is the one you have to dim with the screwdriver. Hard to tell where you are at. But as you said “Adjust as needed”. My biggest fear is no seedling or burnt seedling. TY for the info :grinning:

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No worries. Just turn that dial to 90% and use height as a dimmer. 72" is plenty tall to put light high for the seedling. If like to dim the onboard dimmer will work fine. Plastic. Be carefull turning it.

So I wasn’t thinking of a tank or anything crazy but I did read an article about putting a pinhole in the cap of a vinegar bottle and letting it slow drip into backing soda. Was thinking I could either put in the tent or right outside one of the air intakes. Maybe not worth the effort? TY for the info :grinning:

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Forgot to mention this will be an Autoflower grow.

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It really isnt at our grow level.

So Back Road Blooms and Green Mountain Veg 2-2.6-2 ?

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Yes. Very good stuff. Super simple. Recharge for the life. Then water only. Keep ph 6.2- 7.4 or so. Adjusts well in that range.

Here is a pic of 1 of their greenhouses. Nutes work for veggies also.

so at what point do i stop feeding?

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You top dress once every 3-4 weeks.

Two other things I forgot to mention.

I haven’t bought the trellis net for the tent yet. Are these worth it or am I better off using more traditional methods of LST such as staking or tying?

I impulsively ordered some Hydroton when ordering other stuff. I read something where it was suggested to put a layer at the bottom of the pot. After further research it seems this is not recommended by most. So now I have a bag of it. Is it worth it to mix some of it into the Fox Farm OF?

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I do not disagree with this method if you have some experience but if this is truly your first grow I would put 1 step before planting in a 5 gallon container as soon as she shows a tail. Use a solo for the grerming and when she has outgrown the solo, about 2 weeks, I would then transplant to the 5 gallon.

Nevermind what was said above. Alot of growers do plant direct so as not to create stress or shock since they are on their own time.

Thanks! Any thoughts on the trellis net or Hydroton in my post above?

I have found for me, the nets get in the way of turning the pot for adequate pruning. So I use hemp twine and drill holes around the perimeter of my container and tie them down to create the flat canopy. Works great and I can still turn my 10 gllon pot when I need to.

As for the pellets, no reason you couldn’t use a small layer at the very bottom. Would help with drainage. I mix in 20-30% perlite without any nutrients. Some of the perlite you can buy has nutrients. Don’t want that.

merci! :slight_smile: