My first ever attempt at growing ganja

Looking for any critiques anyone may have based on what they see. I have 5 plants in my indoor tent. Three jack herer at 29 days (from the time they went into the dirt), one OG Kush at 29 days, and one bubblegum at 20 days (first seed just didnt workout and wouldnt beach soil). Planted in Fox Farm Happy frog soil. Haven’t used any other types of fertilizer but have a bottle of Big Bloom on hand. Too many mixed opinions on the big bloom so I think I’m going to experiment with that once I get through my first grow.

Running two 600w LEDs and two fans (one for exhaust, one to bring fresh air in). I water them every 3-5 days. Temperature stays between 73-75 degrees and humidity is fairly consistent between 55%-68% really just depends on the weather that day.

Anyways, here is my progress. Really just curious to know how they look compared to the time they were planted (May 9th for JH 1,2,3 and OG…Bubble gum May 20th)


Looking good!


Looking good! What size is your tent?

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Tent is 4Lx4WX8H I was restricted to a certain grow space so that’s what I ended up with. Originally planned on just doing three plants but felt I wanted a bigger yield.

Nothing wrong with a 4x4 hell, I’m in a 2x2 simply because when I started this endeavor I didn’t have a practical space for anything bigger. That will be changing in the next year or so and I’ll add at least a 4x4, maybe bigger! I think you planned well, Good Luck and keep us updated!

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Thanks for the kind words! Been pretty anxious about it even when I started researching and after 2 months of reading tons of forums and books I finally got the balls to do it.

It truly is a science, but seeing the great progress in a short amount of time is very encouraging! Hopefully the next time I post I’ll be seeing some buds on the plants!

Good luck with your grow as well sir!