My first autoflowers

My first autoflower grow began a couple weeks ago. These are 2 Purple haze autofems. I know people say not to transplant autos but I wanted to test a theory…

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Looking pretty good so far. A little bit of light stretch causing you to have to hold them up. I recommend moving your light closer to the plants. Just make sure it isn’t too hot by placing your hand over the plant canopy. Good luck!


Welcome , looking good I transplant my Autos one time from starter cup to final home and Off to the Races.


Got me curious… what’s your theory?

I’m starting autos in a solo cup as long as u let them get there roots right around the cup or pot they should transplant ok

These are my girls Bluetooth auto and white widow auto

Transplanted them today too. I always sprinkle some Mike on the roots. We’ll see if growth slows…

My theory is that the transplant shock will be less stressful and damaging overall to the plant than allowing it to become root bound in the same pot.

I had them under a weak little t5 cloner light which I never do. All my other lights were in use and was too impatient to wait haha.

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Absolutely. I’ve transplanted every seed I’ve grown photo and auto. I’d guess it’s about 50/50 on those who do and don’t with autos.


Nice babies. Why are they in cups and the cups in soil? Very curious…

Does anyone know how well autos will do under 12/12 for the while grow? My goal was to minimize time between harvest by alternating a grow of autos and a grow of photoperiods. I mean obviously the shorter daylight periods will reduce yield a bit but has anyone done this and do they know how significant the difference would be? Anyone know any autoflower experts to tag cuz I’m not sure if I can just go make this into its own topic… Not sure about the rules here…

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If you transplant when you should and don’t drop them, I don’t think there is much stress.

Its just something i done to keep the hole i done for the plants when im ready to transplant and it was to stop them tipping over aswell

Oh I see

Yah i transplanted them today into there forever homes

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No altering an auto growth stage or harvest. I run 18/6 on my autos and running 1 photo with 5 autos on this grow. I keep that light schedule until the photo is where I want her to be with growth then flip the light to 12/12 to start the flower cycle for the photo. Autos will flower on their own schedule. I would take advantage of as much light as possible. I grow for yield so a 12/12 only works on a photo for me :love_you_gesture:

I’ve transplanted my decent share of autos I do believe I get better results from straight planting them in the final homes but my transplanted girls were more or less the same size as everyone else( not including the mutant freak that grew almost 4 feet tall)

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Likewise on the auto transplant, I’ve been wanting to drop one in her forever home and gonna do that on my next run. I use 2.5 gallon pots so she should take better in that pot than a 5 gallon :joy:

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Someone posted an auto on here that was like 5 feet tall. I wanted to ask “are you sure its an auto” lol I didn’t think it was possible.