My first Autoflower plant is flowering, looking for advice on whats next

My Emperor J autoflower plant is a great size for a beginner, and its clearly flowering, very cool to see the white hairy things on the side of the plant (its late I’m tired, forget their name)… The other plants around it are much younger and are not flowering yet. Not entirely sure what to do next… Its an autoflower so do I change its light cycle to 12/12 or can I leave it with the other plants on the 18/6 cycle? Oh, and nutrients, I still apply nutrients right? Every 2nd or 3rd watering, so approx. once per week. Should its environment be different from the other plants with regards to humidity and heat? Thank you

pics please?

you dont switch nutes to flower until a couple of weeks into flower after vertical growth has slowed. you dont have to switch the light you can leave it 18/6 or 24/0, autos will flower. thats why they are called auto.


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humidity during flower should generally be lower than during veg

im not sure about heat, but usually light intensity is increased and that increases heat. i hear a lot of chatter about keeping ventilation up and/or using an ac unit to keep the grow space cool. if it gets too hot the girl will show heat damage in her leaves. i dont have any pics but a quick search will reveal what it looks like. Youll recognize it because she will look unhappy.

forgot pics… its the plant on the left in the orange 5 gal pail. Emperor J auto fem.

tried a closeup with magnifying glass to show the white hairs, pistils… not sure if the pic does it justice but they are in many places on the plant

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thanks for your tips and any others are welcome as well…

I’m sure you know that your Autos don’t need to be switched to a 12:12 but really for your other plans if they’re not autos you grow them as big or small as you want keep in mind the plant will probably double in size from the moment you clicked 12 + 12 so with your space in mind you make the choice when to switch it but other than that Autos are just plug and play and you don’t have to do much of anything besides feed and water if your space and environment are good and you can keep your humidity lower if needed you really shouldn’t have any problems high humidity in veg 70 to 60% and 60 and Below taper down to about 40 towards the end of flower tag me in if you have any questions I will help how’s ever i. Can


It’s best to not run your plants at 24/0. One week or two (at the very most) when they first germinate, but then you want to give them a few hours of dark each day.


@blackthumbbetty i keep hearing both sides of that debate. Some say autos can go 24/0 just fine until harvest and other say the plants needs 4-6 hours of “rest” every night usually citing an anthropomorphic point of plant “exhaustion”. I dont mean to imply one opinion is better than another but plants are very different from people…

it would be good to do side by side grows (in separate tents) to compare and see for myself… im a very pragmatic guy


Actually I did not know that autos don’t need to be switched to 12:12, that’s what I was unsure of, thanks. It would be easier to leave the auto on the same light cycle as the other bunch of plants that are weeks to a month away from flowering. Although I’m thinking maybe I will switch it to 12/12 to watch it grow… Will it still double in size if left on the 18:6 cycle?

Thanks, I’ve not bothered even trying 24/0, just seems more natural to me to let the plant rest a bit. Yield is not my priority on this first grow, technique is. Thanks


Yes 24 is good for clones and but 18 + 6 helps promote healthy root growth with a little dark period yeah Autos are bread through the ruderalis line landrace from Russia which is an autoflowering strain with lower THC content a lower overall plant height THC I would guess because it has to suffer through Russian Winters and it manages to grow and produce somehow and it made it this far but they bred the ruderalis jeans through our desirable strains to create autoflowering strains which don’t require 12. You can pump them full of light and a crop in a short. Amount cousin Of time well relatively short I should say a designated period of time after certain amount of time they automatically blossom

me too, first grow, interested in technique

Any cannabis plant will grow at 24/0, but they actually do their most growing during dark periods.

Today’s autos are not the same as old autos. Many of today’s genetics are just as potent as photoperiod plants, plus they come in all shapes & sizes.

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Orchids are not cannabis.

You think people are recommending a rest period during grow b/c we think a plant needs sleep like people? No, we’re recommending it b/c it’s horticultural fact. :grinning:

The plant completes some of its most important processes in the dark.

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orchids are closer to cannabis than cannabis is to people :wink: