AK47 Autoflower light help

Do you use the flowering bulbs/lighting throughout the growing process?

Auto-flowering strains will automatically start budding after about 2-3 weeks regardless of the light schedule they’re given.
18/6 or 20/4 light schedule is used. 18/6 is the best.

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18/6 is better than 20/4 for auto’s ?

Ok will go with 18/6… but bulbs should i use? I have grow box and comes with grow bulbs and flowering bulbs. Thanks

Just use the bulbs that came with it. Just keep an eye on your heat.


You can use a mix, start with the “grow” bulbs for the first couple weeks, or you can use these “grow” bulbs the whole grow as 5000k-6500K is about the color of natural sunlight all year long.

If you want, you can use the “flower” bulbs a week after the first signs of flower, the pistils or hairs fist show, to avoid the extra stretching the extra red light in the “flower” bulbs can cause.


I have a question regarding auto flowering plants, is there a vegetative stage before which the plants start budding, or is it only two to three weeks after germination? Also, can you top and prune auto flowering strains, and when is the best time to do that? Thanks for any information you can provide.

Auto-flowers have a very short vegetative period, it is only about two or thee weeks, maybe 4, and this does include the time immediately following germination, however there is not a change in the photo-period from veg to bloom, or normally this is not needed nor desired. Most people seem to agree 18/6 or 20/4 are the best photo periods for autos, start to finish, and of course some people do believe in using 24/0 with autos, but whatever light cycle you choose, most agree keeping it the same throughout every day of the entire process is best.

No, absolutely not, you can not top or prune autos. Low stress training is the only training autos will tolerate, any stress is very likey to induce an auto to start flowering right then and there.

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Thanks MacGyver, that information helps. So being new, I assume that maybe I need to try some new seeds if I am expecting to grow those nice big bushy plants? I guess I chose the auto flowering variety cuz it sounded somewhat easy, but, honestly didn’t do a lot of research. One more question, when you start snipping buds from the auto flowering plant, is it done or will the plant continue to produce?

All normal cannabis dies in nature after the flowers are done ripening. Autoflowers are no exception.

Some regular photo period strains, especially some equatorial sativas can be re-vegged after flowering, if they still have enough healthy foliage left after the flowers/buds have been removed, to then later produce more flowers.

But this, as far as I know, is impossible with autoflowers. They have a very short biological clock that was developed in nature to get the plants to mature quickly so they could produce flowers that could potentially lead to producing seeds which might survive a hard freeze over the winter, unlike the adult plant which will not survive extended periods of time in temps much below 50*F.

I’m sorry MacG , I call you a site instructor , instead of science …oh man I forgot the other part that fast and I just looked at it .

Just a couple more questions regarding autoflowering plants. If I understand correctly, there is no need to change light cycles, I have mine on an 18/6 cycle and can just leave it there throughout the life of the plant? Is any fertilizer recommended for autoflowers? Higher Nitrates early on while vegetating and then higher Phosphates when starting to flower? I am just kind of experimenting with this and having a little fun, so I am not an experienced grower. To get the large bushy plants that we all dream of, I probably need to use a different strain, any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any information!

That’s pretty much it what you stated in your question . Good light , 18/6 the whole grow , light veg nutrients and low ppm about 400-800 until plant starts to stretched and show pre-flowers . Than transition light veg nutrients while 50/50 with bloom nutrients , and continue bloom nukes until plant finished and than flush !

Yup I agree with Yoshi, you are on the Wright path.


MacGuyver, you seem to be quite knowledgeable, maybe you can answer a question for me? I asked you before a little about autoflowering plants, but have another question…the picture shows my plant, 5 weeks into the vegetative state, it’s about 30" tall, and appears to be quite healthy. My question is when will it start the flowering stage, and do I need to do anything to accelerate it? Currently on 18/6 light cycle, do I need to change that or just wait for it to flower? As always, any information is appreciated!..Mike

She is generally programmed to flower. You need to do nothing but what you have been doing and thats a great job.
She will flower but only when she’s ready.

P.S Sorry Stoner I’m bored today and just went for it and mffsix sorry I’m not Stoner but thats what will happen


No problem Garrigan, thanks for the help. Maybe you can help me with another question. Plant is just starting flowering stage and my understanding is that a high phosphorus fertilizer is in order. Miracle Bloom Buster is like a 10-50-10 mixture, is that a safe one to use?

You can, but I always sugest and I do this with all my grows.
Start by 3/4 vegging nutrients and 1/4 Flower next feeding 1/2 vegging nutrients 1/2 flower next feeding 1/4 vegging nutrients and 3/4 flower all awhile keeping an eye poncho their taking there new feeding Schedule. If all is going well completed the feeding. I just stay with the 3/4 flower, but that’s me.
Make sure you check the -PH before feeding and watering. Hopes this helps

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The method Garrigan62 mentioned is a very precise way of transitioning your plants nutrient up take without making sudden changes in theroot zone, and the plant will adapt and go right into flower from veg without panic from sudden changes . This has been a beginners night mare going from veg to flower , simply because they make anxious , and impatient changes to sudden , and stunt the plant and either get set back from finishing , or cause many issues of lock out , and continue to leave the plant stunted and shocked and wonder why they yield was not bountiful .

You can top autos if you get them growing fast.
I roped this auto once and it exploded
It’s ilgm ww auto