My 2023 outdoor grow

Well here we go again folks 2023 is kicking off I just put my two black velvet and two guava gelato in their final destination for the season. I’m back to growing in my yard so I’m in my living beds I grew a cover crop for 2 months hacked it down added sprouted seed meal and build a soil craft blend. Then I covered that with my homemade compost with some bakashi and let it sit with the worms for about a month. Guava gelato was one of the strains that I grew last year and it came out really good so I took cuttings and kept it going through the winter the Black Velvet is a special genetic that I got from a buddy as a clone and I grew it out in my tent and it’s probably one of the best plants of ever grown flavor wise hope everybody is kicking off good this year​:seedling::call_me_hand::seedling::sunglasses::heart::pray::pray:

Black velvet indoor

Guava Gelato

My plants this year

I’m also growing from seed one super boof from my outdoor grow last year and some free seeds I got from buildasoils patreon called Paonia Blue Sky from kid Kaya out of the three two of them were female I’ll snap some photos of those later when they get a bit bigger I’ll be doing them in an earth box outside

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Thats exactly the setup i want to do indoors as far as your beds go… i have the room for the fabric raised beds. I want to do a cover crop and plant one in each and train it in that space.

200w (2)


Yeah I highly recommend the 12 seed cover crop from build a soil it’s super diverse and I’ve had very good results. The Mulch covering I use this year is all natural cedar shavings that you can get at some hardware stores they use it as bedding for animals but it’ll naturally repel bugs and it smells amazing


Ive got a super soil blend cooking right now. Got about three weeks to go. I started my 48 hour soak with my biochar this morning in a freakishly nasty smelling organic tea…


How the heck are ya?! :+1: Garden looking good as always. :facepunch:
Guava Gelato? My mouth is watering :100:

Yes! I am so glad someone else is growing out the freebee seeds from Kid Kaya. I have the Super Yahmba seeds. Now you have me reconsidering if I should throw one in the container and ‘take the trip, enjoy the ride’ :thinking:
Since I am running 6 instead of 12-I still grow cover crops in the other pots as a mulch supply-of sorts. The system has been working so far. It keeps me from having to go buy Hay at the feed store.
But I do miss the kittens in the window. :face_holding_back_tears: Aww…

SL out


Good on you! Have you heard about the persistent herbicides that can be on hay/straw? Growing your own means you know it wasn’t sprayed with something to kill all the broad leaf plants that will take 7-10 years to breakdown! And PSA for anyone reading they pass through all animals digestive tract intact so even buying manures can screw you!


Yeah I’m not using hay or straw this year Cedar wood chips is what I went with. They add nothing because it’s for animal bedding it’s literally just Cedar that’s been shaved up we’ll see how it works out but so far I love the smell and I like the bug resistance that it offers


Aw man, my wife just got a package of cedar blocks for her closet.

I have a dremel tool.hmmmm :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_imp:

Sitting in the garage late at night lookin’ like jack Torrance :flushed: :rofl:

SL out.


Woooo Hooooo! My favorite outdoor grow!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: it’s super cheap at the store bro I got like three cubic feet for 10 bucks I filled my two beds and my buddies 3-30 gallon pots and it barely looks like I used any


How you been man!!:grin::seedling::pray::pray:


Looks like you’re making progress, and nice harvest!
I’ll take a chair and watch the rest grow :seedling: :fire: :dash: :sunglasses:


Glad to see you back again this season! Looks like you’re off to a great start. I’m using cedar mulch in my garden and will throw some on my cannabis pots too. Laid it down in beds last fall to try and keep the soil quality up through the winter.


Yeah it seems like a great option for a mulch layer super cheap compared to Oyster mushroom straw


Where did you get your bio char from? What brand? Unless you make it, then cudos to you. I need to get a burn barrel so i can make my own. Expensive stuff everywhere i look.

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Damn if that is Greenhouse seeds guava x Gelato 41, then that is a big ass auto flower. Better than my auto flower, those are more like my photoperiods.

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@W.B.elpaso biochar is ridiculous costly. I have a burn barrel to make my own, but somebody on here made sense about recycling the char from your spent filters…

Alright, how does that work and where do i get one? Unless, ya you probably made it too. Looks cool

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How does what work brother?

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