My 2023 outdoor grow

@W.B.elpaso if youre wondering about the picture, i took one of my old carbon filters apart and inside is a big ole bag of very high quality biochar

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I thought that was a contraption to make your own bio char. Lol. No shit. Bio char is inside a carbon filter, i had know clue. If you like barneys, you should try some blimburn. There at nas. I grew gmo cookies of theres last year, best smoke in my greenhouse. They got a nice selection. I grew runtz muffins barneys farm last year too. It was good.

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There’s activated carbon in filters but until you get a micro herd established it’s not BIOchar. The activated carbon from a fishtank filter would be biochar though. Add some living compost, urine with its ammonia and moisture, or a product like mycos and your good to go.

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No this is actually Dark heart Nursery this one is gelato 33 x trianglemints

Oh ok, but that plant still has some monster purple budz

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Yeah it was all sorts of colors the main thing I like is the terp profile it’s spicy garlicky and a little bit of cinnamon:-)

Looks like all four of my clones have finally connected, one of them was sad for about a week but I did only plant half the root ball into the soil and did a mound around the top so that might have shocked them a little bit. They’re loving this beautiful weather out here in NorCal​:sun_with_face::sun_with_face: I hope everyone has a awesome Memorial Day weekend!!! thank you to all that have served!!!:us::us:

The two front ones are the Black Velvet in the back ones are the guava gelato

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Looking good. :fire::dash::sunglasses:


Excellent! They’re looking happy. Weather is warming up here so I started seeds on Wednesday and now just waiting for them to pop through the soil. Super excited for this season.

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Looking awesome!!

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Looking good all around!

I pulled a charred log out of our fireplace. Whacked off the good stuff and since I had already planted, put the pieces on top and plan on covering with new soil.

Never used it before and wonder if I will get any benefits this way?


The simplest and most efficient method to biocharge your biochar is to simply mix it into your compost piles, stacking functions to benefit both the biochar and your compost. Even if you buy inoculated biochar, rather than producing it on-site, it will be improved by maturing in your compost. You can use as much biochar as you want, up to about an even 1:1 ratio with the compost, so don’t worry too much about overdoing it.
I grabbed this from the web… You are on your way!

SL out.


Thx @Slug_Life All our fireplace ashes and char go to the compost bin and then on the vegetable gardens. Never enough compost left over for my plants!


Yup ya gotta luv this cali sun


Oh yes this is 2023 its gonna be a productive out door year for some reason the sun is just a little more intense than years past


Your killin it man. Looks great. Ill be checking in to see these girls in a couple months. Let em rip! Do you have a journal, and can i watch??

Sorry so late, busy busy spring. Looking great, love the raised beds at home. Gonna be a good summer :sunny:

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Ill get one going havnt really started my own but may have to


I was just curious how many plants are in this picture? It’s a nice canopy:-)

Also have you had any issues with your plants going into preflower this year?

Thats 2 in the ground no pots and for some strang reason one branch keep going back and fourth its confused lol

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