My 1st 2 autos, seem pretty okay?

Check out my first grow and setup 1st grow,1st journal

Grow #2 pretty similar except not using FF trio anymore, just molasses and liquid kelp/seaweed extract every other feeding, and compost tea every 2-3 weeks.

Got an auto mix pack, 1st autoflower sprouted on Dec 25th, Nice christmas present xD Pistils just started showing a week ago.

The cup is for comparison

2nd autoflower germed Jan 15th and looks like its gonna be a lot shorter than the first. The first one was twice that size at that age.

What do you guys/gals think?


In an auto pack you can get different plants from strain to strain. It’s a crap shoot what size I’ve grown three different mystery seeds from solid genetics. Different results each time grown alongside other strains with consistent results for steady stash. You’re looking okay to me. :grin:


Plants are just like children. You can have 4 children that are all different heights, some with different color hair and eyes. The only time they will be close to exactly the same are when you do clones. So, don’t worry about them not looking the same.
Also, shorter isn’t necessarily bad. The plant could still have massive colas in the end. What really matters is the potency though, not the size.


2 weeks into flower no trichomes yet but the leaves are already turning yellow. Still watering with kelp and molasses RO ph between 5.8-6.5 after adding. My 600w viparspectre is 30" from top. Any suggestions?

So roughly over a month into flower, the one bounced back and the 2nd is looking so much better!


The two on the left are the autos, Back right is photo Blueberry front right is photo Poison Skunk. (upload://f8TkmaZRfvqLQP5AEH5HqmpZfq3.jpeg)

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It looks like its recovering nicely. :+1:

Meant to edit. My ADD gets me all over the place, need this medicine to be done lmao!
SO to clear up the first 2 pics above are the auto with the deficiency i had, 2nd 2 pics are the second auto that hasn’t had any problems.

And lastly the final pic didn’t upload. 2 on the left are autos. Top right is Blueberry, bottom right is Poison Skunk