Help with first auto flower

The one on left is a critical x auto one on right purple gelato photo. Both are same age but, the auto looks to be stunted and short. Feeding the same as photo but im not sure if thats the right thing to do both plants are around 7 weeks.


Go 1/2 strength on your feeding. Don’t worry about 1 plant being bigger or smaller then the other. Autos are like that. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. Some are just squatty and others grow tall.


Absolutely. All plants seem to be like that. No two seeds produce the same plant, even the extremely stable genetics seem to have a wide variety of growth rates and patterns. Nothing to stress out about!


No two seeds produce the same plant

, Exactly what Ive experienced sometimes wayyyyyy different. size and color too! This season My two Bubbas came out different sizes . One year I has two Bruce`s and one was so purple it looked black.


Thanks guys for the help, so i notice this morning the auto is entering preflower stage, that was quick???. One moment i think its a dud and stunned few days later preflower. Should i switch nutes or wait ?