My first runt autoflower

Well I feel safe in saying that I have raised my first runt. not sure what was the deciding factor or if it was a combination of several factors. plant start off with seed completely stuck on it for a week, then I accidentally chopped off main cola in pre-flowering, my tent has also ran about 5 degrees cooler than my previous grows… looks like it gonna be about 1/3 of size of other autos I have grown. oh well I guess it happens.


These are day 29 and I feel like these are gonna be small also. Ive been training them so maybe that’s it i just hope when they do there stretching they get alot bigger :slightly_smiling_face: these are skittles auto’s


These where my last auto’s


beautiful plants. I havent managed to grow any autos that big yet. my previous plants yielded between 5 and 6 ounce each dried and trimmed. I feel like Ill be lucky to get 2 ounce off this gal.

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She’s a good looking plantie. Next grow hopefully give you a better yield. :+1:t2:

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