Multiple issues or the same one showing up in different ways?

Hello! New grower here and I thought I was doing ok until well into flowering. I have a gorilla glue auto flower that has turned almost completely yellow but the buds look ok. Girl Scout Cookie Auto that is on week 16…still waiting on tricomes but she has almost no leaves left. Also a 16 week gold leaf that was doing great but is starting to have some yellowing. The gorilla glue and gold leaf don’t seem to want to take in water. They feel dried out in the fabric pots but the water just flows through. Soil ph varies between 6-7. Always watered with filtered water that is balance between 6.5-6.7 ph levels. All grown in a pot for pot super soil.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!


It’s much too late in the grow that anything you are going to do will make much of a difference except for the one just starting to flower.

Next grow you need to feed your plants cal-mag once they start flowering, that is the major cause of the spotting, yellowing and dying off.

The GSCX is foxtailing which is why it won’t seem to finish. You can chop it down now, waiting won’t make it any better.

Try flushing the gorilla glue and gold leaf, preferably with a product that will keep you from having to flush with gallons and gallons of water. Fox Farms Sledgehammer is one such product, others are out there. Flushing with lots of water will just throw off your numbers.

Can I se pics of her before she was in flower ? Nutes ? Temp ? How often you water now ? What size fabric?

The soil in your pots have become hydrophobic. This happens due to a few factors.
1). Salt build up in the soil from fertilizers
2). Soil biome (the beneficial bacteria and fungus) has died.
3). The soil has gone dry for too long and can not be restored.

Look into something like Recharge by Real Growers.

Everything I’ve read has said not to flush when using super soil and not to add any nutes. I tried once and got immediate signs of nute burn.

1-I don’t use fertilizers. Just super soil.
3-soils has never gone dry for an extended period of time. Always been watered when needed.

I’ll have to look for photos. No nutes…just super soil. 5 gallon fabric pots. Temps remain around 72-78. Watering depends on the plant but 1-2 quarts every 1-3 days depending on how they feel.

Here’s several photos throughout girls scout cookies grow.

Your plant just look hungry bro