Muffybunny - Everything but the kitchen sink - coco w/ Mills nutes

Ground Zero
From left to right: Domina Star, Willy’s Wonder, Banana Kush, AK-47, Crystal, Laughing Buddha, and Killer Cookies.

Away we go!


Set to watching. For ish n giggles kinda nutes, lighting, tent, n just general set up u running?

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How I Start
I’ll back up to that previous pic. I line up these little jars (wash 1st) I have and just fill them with grocery store bottled water. No ph yet. Drop 1 seed per jar. I cannot stress enough that you label/write it down somehow.

Anyway, I put the jars on a germination mat and walk away for 24 hrs. When time is up, I get paper towels, baggies, and a sharpie. I write each strain on a separate bag. I take one of the jars and wet a paper towel in the water. Be careful you don’t lose or damage the seed. It’s possible they’ll already be cracking or even popping a little tail at this point.

I fold the paper towel into a really damp, but not dripping wet, oasis to enshrine that seed in. I put the towel-wrapped seed carefully into the labeled bag. Fold it over once or twice and put it back on the germination mat. When I’m done, I turn the lights out and leave them in the dark warm humid little pouches. Note - at this point I still haven’t ph’d anything.

Continued after I eat dinner…


… part 2
Next I prepped my rockwool cubes. I have a gallon pitcher just for the occasion. I fill it about 3/4 with filtered water and ph it to 5.8. This is a matter of choice. I base my choice of 5.8 on that being what I’ll use throughout my grow. It’s what Mills recommends with its nutes. I use their coco with cork as my medium as well. I’m fortunate enough to live where there’s an indoor garden store and Mills is one of the 6 or 7 lines they carry. This is my 4th grow with this medium. 3rd with their nutes.

Anyhow, I drop my 2x2 cubes in the water, put the lid on it and set it aside.

I’ll check in on the seeds before I go to work in the morning. I don’t want them to get too warm. I’ll probably put them in a germination tray on the mat if they’re getting steamy.

And now I’ll enjoy the fruits of my last grow labors. It’s Liberty Star. It’s still way green, therefore will taste like shit, but I can’t wait to find out effect.


… part 3
Yeah, they’re definitely going in the cubes when I get home from work


official start - Seed 1 / Day 1
I dropped the seeds in the cubes. A couple of them were tails-gone-wild already. Willy’s Wonder hadn’t cracked at all yet, but I dropped it anyway and covered it better than the others.

I put the lid on the tray, leave the germination mat on for wet swampy heat, and I turn the lights on 24/7. This is our very crudely built starter tent. Some mylar sheets and a metal shelf rack. We drilled holes in the top shelf and screwed in a u-bracket to hang a 600w led. There are also 4ft tube lights hanging down the sides.

I keep pretty close tabs on them at this point. I don’t want the cubes to dry out, but I also don’t want to drown the seeds or develop mold or any other tragedy. I have a meter I’ll throw in the tray to watch humidity.

Friends who party in my basement tend to leave behind budlets that they already pulled out but didn’t make it into whatever method was being used. Little trays of unknown buds. So, here’s some unknown bud porn.


Seed 1 / Day 3
Still not really popping. Just a slight hint on a few. I’m concerned.

Here’s some eye candy

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Well this day count probably should start over when those cotyledons and first leaves open

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Lost a few, started a few replacements. I’ll chime back in when the party gets started.

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OMG I’ve never had such a hard time getting going. My method has worked like a science as long as I’ve been doing this, mj and otherwise. I can’t figure out what’s different… what’s fighting me. I think I’m going to get medieval old school on it and get a jiffy pellet tray. Also, tomorrow, I’m going to clean & prep the 3x3 and run seedling in there. More overall environment control. Way too early to be worrying about this level of detail, but damn.

On a positive note, last batch is tasty and fully smokable. It will get even better as it cures, but it doesn’t defy the senses to smoke now. My wife and I both agree that the ILGM Banana Kush is the best one in taste and effect. 2nd is the liberty star (aquired elsewhere). Then ILGM Crystal. Then double dream (also aquired elsewhere). The only thing landing the double dream last is that it’s a sativa dom and we’re mostly indica girls. Gotta keep a little sativa around to though right?

I’m going to say it, ILGM seeds are consistently better than other seeds I’ve tried. If it weren’t for how long it takes to get them, I’d happily never order from anyone else. Well, and if you get burnt by customs, you’ve waited 3 weeks for nothing. Let me be clear about the fact that ILGM has made it right every single time that’s happened, but then it’s another 3 weeks to find out if they’re making it through customs this time. I lost 9 weeks for a single order once. I guess I need to plan better to accommodate the problem. Maybe order for next grow way sooner, like start of flower for current grow. Something, cause wasting seed after seed sucks too.

I keep a small collection of seeds on hand. Some are over 5 yrs old and still pop every time. Ordering seeds now will save you the frustration later. With all the packages going through customs for the holidays, this is the time to do it.