Mud’s Lights Out Larry AF, Poison Breath AF, and other Autos

Hello hello. Just a quick intro then on to the topic at hand. I’m Aloyisius Devadander Abercrombie, but you can call me Mud.

This is my first time trying autos. I decided to try an extremely, low budget, low effort grow, just to see what happened and honestly, I still don’t understand why some people have so much trouble keeping a plant alive.

My little lemon Kush was stuck in a 3 gallon fabric pot with some cheap, indoor/outdoor, moisture control soil and only given water, a little blood meal, and plenty of southern sunshine.

At this point she’s about 2 1/2 weeks into flower and I’ve been bringing her at night to put her under lights. She won’t win any awards, but pretty happy with her considering how little money and effort I have invested.

Here’s my latest comparison pic. Four days between pics 1 and 2. Three days between pics 2 and 3.


Hey there Mud, Welcome to the forum.
Lots of good folk here.
I love the pics. They show visually how a bud/cola fills in over time.
Lots of new growers see the plant in the first stage and wonder why its not making buds like they see on others plants.
Wish you great success.


Welcome to the community. :+1:


Random grow pron…


Christine has a tiny little friend…


Pretty good “macros” for a phone.


She’s stacked!


I was just about to tag you. :smile: I’m pretty pumped about how she’s doing.


Oh! And as for her name…

Our first 3 were named Dorothy, Rose, and Sofia. We didn’t plan that out very well… We were probably high. :joy:

The next 2 were Carlotta and Christine (Phantom of the Opera). Christine survived. Carlotta didn’t. Hmmm… :thinking::smile:


Those names are rad. I’ll have to ask you the stories behind them sometime.

My girlfriend named the first three after the golden girls. Carlotta and Christine are the female leads in The Phantom of the Opera, but the phantom takes Carlotta out of the picture. In this case the phantom was either an a-hole German Shepherd or an a-hole Black Lab… :laughing:

No obvious problems during last night’s inspection. I went ahead and pruned 2 more of the lower fan leaves and lst’ed 2 of the lower colas to get them some more light. She’s still filling out. I can’t wait to do a progression pic tomorrow to see exactly how she’s changed.


Here’s my second run of these. Meet Trixie and Yekaterina Petrona Zamalodchikova. Your dad just calls her Katya.

These two are outside full-time for now.



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And THAT is why I do a nightly inspection. While trimming previous damage from one of these little punks, I found this one.

I can’t remember if I am growing a Lemon Kush Auto or a Lemon Haze Auto. My memory likes to trick me sometimes.

How tall is yours?

About 22"

Progress update time…

Once again, progression over a week.


It doesn’t look like a big change in the last two pictures, but the buds are bigger and definitely denser. I’m thinking I’ll start giving her a little black strap over the next few days.

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Got out an actual camera tonight and snapped a few quick pics. Please ignore the dog hair. haha! I didn’t even notice it until I loaded the pics to my computer. And yes, as a matter of fact, that is aluminum foil. :grin:

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Overcast with lots of rain and some high winds today, so Christine is under lights. I’m not thrilled about that, because my lights aren’t great, but they definitely provide more lux than the ugly grey sky we currently have. Katya and Trixie will stay out since they’re still short enough to not be bothered by the wind and I can’t spare any of my crappy lights for 4th node plants when Christine is in the middle of flower.

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Just got this message from my girlfriend about our teenager… :joy: