Mud’s Lights Out Larry AF, Poison Breath AF, and other Autos

Ha haha!

I noticed tonight that Christine flowers seem to be turning more yellow. :heart_eyes: They also seem to be foxtailing a little. :grimacing: I’m gonna say that’s heat stress… Maybe they’ll straighten back up a little after a couple days in the closet.


@PurpNGold74 Does that look like the start of heat stress foxtailing to you?

Few new buds. But you brought her in since it happened right? We cant replicate outdoors no matter how hard we try.

Still you have a few weeks. These are the good type.

How was her last feed? By her leaves, uve either stopped feeding N or she’s about done using it. If u keep pushing, she can throw tails as new growth.


Yeah, she’s inside now. I haven’t been feeding anything because the soil had nutrients, but I think she’s used them up or they got flushed out. We’ve had a lot of heavy rain. You think I should use something like big bloom?

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Id go with the chart. Around half strength to start. Give’m a good push

Hate giving advice without all the variables. Runoff number would help. But a soil tuneup wouldnt hurt


Can you explain that? “Throw tails”?

Foxtails. The new pistils. It can be multiple things.

But too much N will definitely spur new growth in the form of foxtails

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Latest 1 week comparison. Not much increase in size on the main cola, but it’s definitely filling in in the middle and getting denser.

Bonus pics.


No idea what Trixie and Katya were getting up to today, but they were both leaning. Their leaves were turned West (toward the sun), but they were both leaning South. :man_shrugging: Anyway… Other than not having their V8 today, they are both healthy and will be transplanted to their own pots as soon as I get more soil.




Looking good, Growmie! That cola is looking phat!

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Whoops. Just realized I used the wrong pics in my progression shot. Oh well. You get the idea. :sweat_smile:

Here it is with the right pics.

17/20/24 days into flower


Hahaha i thought i was buggin or they really aint grow much

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I take WAY too many pics. I can’t keep them straight. :sweat_smile:

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Trixie and Katya got their own 3 gallon pots tonight, with fresh soil, a light feeding, and just a couple ounces of water in a circle just outside the old soil I kept with the root ball. Stretch those legs, girls.

They also got moved inside with their sister.


And now I prepare to do the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done since these started growing…

Leave them completely unattended for a weekend. :grimacing:

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O my… now thats quite a task. May have watered a bit heavier in anticipation of extended leave. But no big. Overworrier in me showing

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Well… Plans got cancelled. Thanks corona… :unamused:

How quickly can **** go absolutely sideways in this life?

45 minutes.

That’s how long Katya and Trixie were outside before I went to check on them. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:. I freaked out! OBVIOUS heat stress. Brought them back in immediately and gave them both a small drink and they both started recovering immediately. Thank the ganja goddesses!

They weren’t over watered in the previous pics, they were stressed from having just been repotted. They both looked great this morning. Up until I :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: up and put them outside. They completely acclimated to the central ac in just a few days. :grimacing:

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