Moving from indoor to outdoor growing

Hi all. Before asking my question I just want to say you all are the best.:relaxed: Every bit of advice ’ given has been awesome. Now that I have gotten the hang of indoor growing, I have about 7 really healthy plants and am thinking i will have to move them outdoors. what is the best way to do this successfully and would an outdoor greenhouse be safest because i live in an area that has very unstable weather, little to no seasonality, and unpredictable winters? The hot temps here get HOT HOT like north of 100 degrees until September then things get steady for a brief few weeks. In October through March we may get a hard freeze one day and the total opposite the next. Any advice on how to best approach moving my plants outdoors?

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Gonna tag in @JaneQP and @Storm i think they’re the folks I know who acclimate clones etc to outdoors from indoor setups. Or they can help tag in others who do :v:


I no growie outsidey. Sorry I am zero help there. Ty for the tag. Well peppers and maters.


I’ve done the transition twice now. I took my plants in solo cups and let them sit on a covered porch with indirect light and a a couple hours of direct light. Others I put under a tree with dappled sunlight. I gave them a couple of weeks trying to move them into more sunlight each day. Then I potted them up into forever homes and and they all survived! One is taller than me now.

Thx for the tag @Graysin


@JaneQP has you covered, I’m guessing the plants are already grown-up and are about ready to flower, or have started. Greenhouse is a bonus in my state do to climate changing so much in the fall, you can open, close when needed, run a dehumidifier in the fall as well. Good luck.:sunglasses:


@Shemora1234 I’ve done 3 grows (all greenhouse) i live in central California where some days we get 100+ days and my greenhouse has gotten up to 120 degrees and it’s not in full sun. It only gets about 6-7 hours of sun. I’ve had 2 fans in there full blast and one vent open and still gets hot.

With my last grow, 5 Bruce Banners and 1 Blue Dream (all ILGM seeds),I had to do a translation stage. I would set the seedlings out as the sun came up for about a 1-2 hours before work then move them back. After that, I would keep them out for additional time before keeping them in the greenhouse with about 20/4 or 18/6 light cycle. Growing in winter months here, we did get some cold months down into the 30s where I put a little space heater that helped a little. If you’re going to grow in lets say summer months when 100+ outside, I would do 40% shade cloth and it’ll help keep it cooler then 120 degrees.