Mosquito Dunks - how to use them?

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Sooo… attempted our first grow about a month ago, but our babies didnt make it past the first two weeks due to overwatering. Noobs. We did also have a little bit of fungus gnats. Trashed those plants and disinfected the tent, but alas, I’ve seen a few gnats pop up from one of the pots after I removed its baggie. Seen 2 more since and killed them gooood.

I’ve heard that mosquito dunks are the way to go. However, I don’t see much information on here about how do use them. The info I do see is vague or conflicting.

Should I grind some up (about a tablespoon) and sprinkle on top of the soil? Should I just take chunks of it and put them on top of each pot? Should I just add some to its next watering?

Appreciate the help as always!!

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I followed @MeEasy for this, used on my houseplants also:

I believe he expanded on this and maybe he can chime in here. Warm water in microwave and soak the bits in that overnight. @MeEasy please correct me if I am wrong.


I tried a lot of cures for them. The one that work for me was a bug zapper in the tent. Added bonus is the UVA that attracts them

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Thanks for the tag @GoingGreen , hi @LumieLume Green has it covered…the dunks are made by the same company as the mosquito bits so I’m sure they can be soaked the same way. I was having some trouble getting rid of them over the winter I figured it out that they work much better when the water was 70° or warmer. I also emailed the company to see if they had a different way this :point_down: is all they said

:point_down: email from mosquito bits :point_down:
To use the Mosquito Bits you simply use 4 tablespoons per gallon of water. Place the granules in a nylon stocking or something similar and let them soak for 30-60 minutes. Still or shake the water when applying and water as you would normally. Be sure not to over water and use with each normally scheduled watering


There it is! Thank you again meeasy


I have those yellow sticky stakes and they actually seem to work ok surprisingly. Honestly thought I love that you have a bug zapper in your tent. A genius yet simple idea.

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@MeEasy @GoingGreen

Thanks so much for the info. Although I know this is probably more a “what’s your opinion” question than a “what’s the right way” question, but it did make more sense to me to add it to the water so it soaks down.


Yes, I had problems with soil and bringing plants in from outside.
Got ride of the soil, using Hydroponic now, and stopped bring outside plants into my tent. Still have the zapper just in case.

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Just know the bits or dunk only kills the larvae not the eggs or adults so it’s best to do it every 3-4 days for 3-4 times as the eggs hatch you kill em off before they become adults the adults only live a week so you can wait for them to die or get some yellow sticky traps, I think the new black ones work better and I actually saw em in blue the other day but haven’t tried them yet

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Makes total sense. I appreciate all the info!

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