Mold on dry ice hash pucks

Hello everyone,
Made some hash pucks from my trim which was in the freezer, and some of it got some mold in storage, after only around 5 or 6 days:

I’ll explain my process, someone please guide me where I’m going wrong:

-Mix 2 ounces of trim with a pound of dry ice.
-Shake bucket for 4 minutes, sift through a 73 micron bag, followed by a 120 micron bag, and finally a 220 micron bag.
-Kief stored in small bowls covered with foil, opening them up and shaking it gently periodically each day.
-Put kief in pollen press, pollen press goes in the oven for 20 minutes at 250f, I tighten the press a little more, and it goes back in the oven for another 20 minutes.
-Get pollen press out of the oven and let it cool down for around an hour.
-Extract the hash puck from the pollen press and wrap it in foil and into a small baby food jar.

Where is the mistake? Do I need to let them cure a bit before wrapping them in foil?

On a side note, apart from the hash puck, when I take the pollen press apart there will be this gooey substance (pictured also) on the edges of the press. What is this stuff? First time I smoked it it whacked me up good!

Thanks for any guidance everyone :slight_smile:

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I used a bubble dude 5 gallon with just regular ice. I usually let them dry on those microns for a weak and then mess with it the next weekend. I like it nice and air dried I also don’t press it into hockey pucks.
Last time I did it I got like three quarters of an ounce. I’m usually smoke it within the next month or two.
I’m going to say on the mold definitely not dry enough that’s how mold gets created. Also sometimes hot and cold will make condensation inside baby jars. Good luck


I’ve never had that problem. I don’t do the dry ice thing. You end up getting too much leaf material. I freeze my trimmings and small popcorn buds. Then I just work it back and forth with very little downward pressure. Now, I used to put mine in a press then in the oven. Oven temp I kept at 175 to 180. Didn’t want to decarb it.
Lately I’ve taken the kief, wrapped it in parchment paper, then filled a mason jar with water that was just under a boil. Then I roll it back and forth over the paper. Once it’s flattens, I open it, fold the kief back into a small square, cover with paper and roll again. Then when it’s done, I roll it in a ball, put it in a small jar, and put it in the cabinet. This is the out come. These are both over a year old and still pliable.


I wouldn’t store hash in the freezer due to condensation concerns. Did you use fresh or dry leaf? If you have higher humidity in your area the cold will freeze the water in the air and form ice crystals on the hash which then melt and wet the hash after you run it. I’ve soaked my fair share of hash trying to make a home made freeze dryer to speed dry. I did a write up on making bubble hash not too long ago. Most of the concepts are similar for dry ice method except with dry ice moisture is the enemy. If it does get the least bit damp you just have to dry it like you would bubble hash or it will mold. I would also agree that 250 is to hot for pressing. I use a whisky bottle full of very hot water and a hot stone.


Thanks for the replies everyone, I appreciate everyone’s input.

@Bawstan_boi I have yet to try the regular ice method. I bought a hash washing machine but haven’t toyed around with it yet. Maybe from the trimmings of this upcoming harvest.

That’s a good point, it could be the condensation from hot to cold as you are saying also. Maybe out of the press and into the foil caused some condensation to form.


I imagine you are referring to a sifting screen, and not bubble bags?

I’ll have to try your method also with the hot water in a jar. Sounds interesting and the outcome looks nice.

@Gl1tch It’s fresh frozen trim, I wet trim my plants, and all that trim goes straight to the freezer. Yes we have high humidity here (most of the time 80%+ outside, 60%+ indoors). Thanks for the link, I’ll definitely give it a read!

Thanks for all the advice everyone, truly appreciate it. Thank you also for correcting me on the oven temperature.

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Happy to help. There is also a link to detailed pressing tutorial at the end of that thread with temps, pics, and details on the hot water press. If you have any more questions just link me. I love me some good hash.


With mold growing it’s trash


Thanks @Gl1tch, I appreciate it. I read through your ice water hash tutorial, very interesting. I have a hash washer, so I’ll see how to incorporate that into your method.

Just read your temple ball making topic, wow that thing is beautiful!

@Caligurl unfortunately yes :frowning: no one wants to smoke mold, that’s disgusting.


That’s what I use myself. I just did the bucket method for the benefit of those who don’t have one. It’s pretty much the same. Be very sparing on the ice so the cyclone of the machine doesn’t grind the weed with the ice. It doesn’t take much once everything is cold. I think that’s the hardest part is figuring out how much ice to use.


Thanks for the heads up about the ice, I’ll definitely give it a spin with the trim of next harvest. Always good trying new things, and from certain articles I read, they state the water hash is more potent than the dry ice method, so no harm in trying.

Thank you again for so much information.