Dry ice hash mistake! Beware!

Had a rough year growing. A lot of dudes! I only kept one and it hermied. Cut it down did a rough trim and froze 5 one gallon ziplocks. Picked up some dry ice. Put some buds in bubble bag with dry ice. Shook it for 2 minutes. Really nice light colored hash to scrape up. THEN. I did this in the garage. Very humid day. The second batch was sweating and everything became a mess. Not much hash came out. The bag was wet and everything stuck to the inside of the bag. What a mess. I stopped and will continue next week inside. In the air conditioning. I looked at a bunch of videos and read a lot before I started. Really don’t remember ANYBODY saying anything about doing this in a humid place. Lesson learned!!


I have been waiting for cooler fall weather to give that a try. Sorry to hear of your bad fortune.

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Yeah dude one thing is keep your product as cold as you can right up until you run it. I keep mine in the freezer right up until the moment I run it and always take it out of the freezer and put it straight into my bag wit the dry ice and leave it sit with the dry ice for 3-4 mins in a cooler before I start shaking to let the flower cool down more - dry ice is way colder than your freezer!

Also in between runs I stick the bag with the flower and dry ice into the cooler to stay cold.

I can also see how if it was super hot out the trichs would be wet and sticky when they came out- especially if it’s live plants

How hot/humid was it?

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It was about 80 degrees and humidity in the 80’s


Put the frozen trim and dry ice in a bucket first. Top on NOT sealed…lol. agitate 5 minutes. When you toss it with the ice in the bag it will rain hash. Gets a little moist back in bucket. Agitate. The hash doesnt really stick to a clean plastic bucket. Just what works for me humid or dry conditions.

I’ve never read anyone cautioning over hot/humid conditions either. Unfortunate you had to be the one to find out the hard way. …but thx for letting the rest know.