Mold in mature buds?

I have a very few dead leaves in my (outdoor) mature colas. When I pull them with tweezers, a tiny puff of white smoke appears. At the base, I can see mold stems and spores under the microscope. What now? Trichomes are cloudy but not amber yet. Very few infected leaves, but I fear spreading. The buds are dense and probably plenty of humidity inside. It rained here two days ago.


Yes, bud rot. If it hasn’t attacked all of your plant yet, I would do this:

1-Harvest the affected areas immediately and go past where you believe the infection is.

2-Spray the rest of the plant or plants with water and 2 tsp hydrogen peroxide per gallon.

3-Run a fan on them and get them dry as quickly as possible AND KEEP THEM THAT WAY!!!

Finally, if you are really close: you might want to harvest because bud rot is a bugger!

I really feel for you and I have some experience with this. You have to be quick and hard hearted. The affected/removed buds can be examined, the affected areas removed and then they could be soaked for 5 minutes in 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide per gallon of water, followed by a rinse. That OUGHT to salvage the buds around it. Cure as normal.

Looks like you caught it early. Pretty plants!


That’s what Robert suggest

Good luck


@ProctorPot where the dead leafs are I would pry apart the bud and look where those leafs meet the main stem. I bet you will find some white furyness occurring at the stem, or at least that’s what I’ve found when finding dead leafs like that. Bud rot typically starts at the stem.
I try and cut out the molded areas carefully so not to spread the mold spores.

That’s it. Bud rot. But it’s early, and not all buds have it (visible) (yet). Am trimming today.

It’s been abnormally humid here for days, and had rare rain 3 days ago.

Close inspection revealed at leat one worm in the moldy part. Maybe worm infestation allowed the bud rot in.

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Oh no! @ProctorPot I hope you’re not getting on the California worm infestation band wagon. Too many on here are already affected. Fingers crossed you caught in time.

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I have been trimming buds early that show gray mold. I’m trying to leave as much as I can for more maturity. No amber trichomes yet. Every day I cut off out another bud or two that shows some new bud rot. I spread the buds apart and cut out the infected areas, leaving most of the bud intact. I’m rinsing these is a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide and hanging them up to dry.

One friend says the mold will stop growing as soon as I cut and hang them. I’d like to be more certain. What do y’all think of spraying the trimmed buds with alcohol? This ought to kill the mold and I’m thinking it won’t disturb the buds much. The alcohol will evaporate and leave nothing behind. It won’t "wash off’ the THC because it doesn’t drip. I could use rubbing alcohol or Everclear.

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Hi. I’m pretty sure the alcohol or Everclear will in fact strip the trichomes from the bud. Or at least break them down…


If you’re going to try to kill mold on harvested buds the best thing is to immediately soak in hydrogen peroxide and water followed by a good rinse. Then hang to dry with a fan.

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I had three plants of the same strain growing side-by-side. One had great fat buds. Most of them got rot. The second plant had pretty dense buds too. Most of them got rot. The third plant was disappointing because the buds weren’t fat. But it seems to have no rot. Fat buds seem to have been a liability for me instead of the success I had thought.

The hydrogen peroxide I sprayed on the plants did not arrest the rot.

We’ve had some humid weather, and a couple of light rains. But also I had them on automatic water and I gave them too much. I suspect overwatering was the culprit.

I have one other plant of AK-49 with big buds running a little later. It seems perfectly healthy and I’m watering it much less now.

Here’s an interesting picture taken through a microscope of my plant with fungus. WTF are these green and blue “balloons”? I suppose they’re fungus spores? Still, pretty weird.