Molasses pros and cons

Pros and Cons of molasses?

I’m not aware of any cons if it is used properly. I always introduce molasses (1 tbsp/gal) when I get a couple of weeks into flowering as it helps to feed the good microbes in your soil.


Thank you,I’m about 3 weeks intoflowering and have never used it before,but friends swear by it,is it really that beneficial?

I don’t see any dramatic differences, but I do believe that it matters a lot to the healthy plant. If you use a microbe supplement such as Urb, then it will help.

Be careful with Urb if you decide to use it. It is really effective, but it dramatically increases nutrient uptake, so you have to be careful not to give your girls nute burn.

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From what I understand, molasses is an activator and catalyzes mineralization. This means it assists in the breakdown of minerals and helps convert your soil amendments into usable nutrients for your plant. This is partly why tea recipes include molasses. The other reason is that provides carbs for your beneficial mycor’s and microbes. This being said… I would def include molasses in your nutrient regiment if your soil contains things like bone meals and rock powders, as it will help to condition them into usable stuff.

Oh and cons are- it’s sticky, attracts ants, and clogs pumps

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Thank you

The only cons I heard is if you over do it with a medium with no living bacteria is that A it will attract insects and B the sugars will build up making you upper layers form a sort of crust other then that I be heard nothing but good things about it , molasses +epson salts is a great cal mag alternative for living mediums

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Oh and your supposed to never use it to make compost tea because it causes the bacteria to overpopulate eat everything available then kill most beneficial bacteria from lack of food

Thank you,:metal:

Just did a Molasses flush on my two LSD strains and one GRNCK strain.
I noticed a little browning of the leaves before I did the flush.

I’m in the middle of the second week of flowering and it’s the first flush I did on any
of my plants. I know after some reading that the “salt” problem seems to rear it’s ugly head
around this time on most grows. Everything is fine until it isn’t. I didn’t want to be ‘that’ guy
posting repeat threads about the same topic. Ordered some ‘unsulphured’ molasses, one tbs per gallon of pH corrected water, water until it runs off. Simple. Easy.

I wasted money on Flora-Kleen and wish I knew someone around me that could use it.
I’m certainly not going to dump $21 usd down the toilet, but I don’t want it as a permanent shelf space place holder.

If anything changes I’ll update.
Have a good weekend all.