Pre harvest questions

Hello there guys and gals. I have a few pre harvest questions.
1.) Can you still feed molasses when flushing or when flushing should it just be plain water?
2.) Stem splitting. Last time I split and had about 3-4 days left in flower. Can I plan for a week or 2 time? Is there a good time frame to stem split to see best results?
3.) For those who feed aggressive in flower whats the highest PPM you’ve fed your plants? My ladies now average 2000-2400ppm but im no where near where my nutrient chart says I should be feeding im doing about 1/3 to 1/2 strength max and my plants are doing great. But I can’t help but wonder if the nugs would fatten up more if I fed heavier or would they suffer due to nute lockout/salt buildup or nutrient abundance?

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  1. Flushing is a myth, it’s been studied.

  2. No proof stem splitting or ice baths work

  3. Over feeding is counter productive, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure here.


The point of flushing is to remove the nutrients. The point of molasses is to feed the bacteria and microbes so they can help with the plant’s nutrient uptake. I think that adding molasses is counterproductive to any good that flushing might make.

I feed at half strength.

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So does flushing still make the smoke smoother if your running bottle nutes? I’ll stem split regardless because of how easy it was but was curious if extended times would help or stress the plant more. If feeding nutes till the end do you see any gain over flushing in bud size or trichome production?

Last time I harvested my buddy asked why I didn’t feed molasses till the end and im like umm idk because I’m flushing and he said oh well I always feed at least molasses to feed the microbes to help the buds fatten up. Was curious if there was any truth to that statement?

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Flushing provides zero benefits, it’s been studied and there is long posts about it around here feel free to use the search option.

Molasses works, to what degree I can’t say I’ve done the research to say confidently. Plants can use carbs in the end, that’s what products like Overdrive are for.

Top feeding only really works for molasses, and I run autopots which do not top feed so I don’t use it as it would plug my lines just as it would any other hydro user.

Flushing leads to less preferred taste, so says the studies.


I was curious if anyone had done a side by side comparison in their grow but i believe you ill just do as you said and check out the forum for some more answers on flushing to get my closure


No recent side by sides but have tried flushing and not flushing. I prefer to flush - which to me is just giving water for the last 2 weeks before harvest. If you have multiple plants then can flush some and not flush some and see which you prefer.

I would cut out molasses as well, don’t want to be feeding the microbes at that point where they will continue to feed the plants. Molasses is really about feeding microbes, not making bud taste better.

As for aggressive feeding, I feed the most in the second trimester (flowering weeks 4-6) but I don’t go over 1500 ppm (I feed every watering) and then start tapering off the last trimester (weeks 7-9). I don’t push my plants with too much ferts, just causes more problems than giving them enough.

Stem splitting - did it on some clones and really saw no difference from the ones that did not get stem split, but if you want to try it, do it for the last 2 weeks so there is time for it to possibly do something.


As hell said last 2 weeks water only to bring down ppms it works for me, when I start sampling some bud early in curing seems to be smoother smoke

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G.H . recomends 30% reduction 2 weeks prior and flush the final week!

Yes and clarification between flushing out all ppm and just giving water to use the last bit of nutrients is different yet may be both called a flush.

If your feeding nutrients you can save money by just switching to water only or if your in a hydro system that already has nutrients mixed then just let it ride.

I think what we’re all trying to point out here is there is no need to switch to flushing all the nutrients out of your plants in the hopes of better smoke or yeild.

@Colt yeah but GH is just giving a recommendation, they haven’t published any data.

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I agrre recomends means nothing without data. i have read where flushing doesn’t help taste or mellow the smoke.

I feed my plants a tea every month or so. I include molasses in the tea to boost the microbe population. It doesn’t take much, a few tsps per gallon.

Like I said, I don’t flush. If I did, it would be straight water. Anything else defeats the purpose.


Thanks for all the help everyone! Much appreciated

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While I got you guys here any opinions on these 2 ladies? Week 8 starts Saturday was thinking its flush time next weekend max for a 2 week flush or should I start this weekend? Looking for more of a head high as opposed to couch lock

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It seems to me that during what would be the flushing period it’s all about the trichromes not bud development. If I’m wrong please correct me.


Yes that would make sense. Just double checking what other people have told me. I appreciate the responses. Any guess on if I start flush this week or next? I know its close but not sure exactly how close to being done

So many growers, so many ways. That can be counter-productive. You will be running around in circles. Best to develop your own style based on just a few growers that all have similar ideas.
Your plant will tell you what to do. You have to become a sort of “plant whisperer” and just follow her lead.