Mixing fox farms nutrients in order

Mixing Fox farm nutrients should I mix micro 1st. Grow big 2nd , bloom 3rd and cal mag last . I read somewhere cal mag 1st. Making sure I’m doing it rite. Thank so much for all responses .


I have never really used an order of addition… That being said…

I usually put the dry parts… First… Epsum, fox farms open sesame, FF cha ching, or FF beastie blooms, etc… One at a time and mix/shake until dissolved.

Then I add the wet stuff… FF grow big, FF big bloom, FF tiger bloom, ff boomerang, or calmag.

Then pH to 6.5

I would strongly suggest against using FF sledgehammer… Not worth the hassle of doing the homework only to find everyone has been told how to use it differently or in different ways… Some with no ill effects… However, if you use it wrong… Could mess up months of work.

After years… I would suggest against using the dry FF nutes… Open sesame, cha ching, beastie blooms…even adding very little and upping to higher… I often end up chasing nute lockout or nute burn…

For what it’s worth… I plan on switching to Jack’s 321… It seems cheaper, easier to use, and produces exceptional buds.

Unfortunately, I invested early on in larger gallon jugs of FF nutes thinking I’d save money and time in the future… Now I cannot get rid of it fast enough.


@Budslife1 also what stage are your plants in? Seedlings no nutes needed… Veg or flower?

What soil are you using?

Using Fox farms nutrients schedule?

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Fox farm mixing order goes.

1• Silica
2• Calmag
3• Base Nutrients (Grow Big, Tiger Bloom)
4• Bios ( Big Bloom, Kangaroots, Microbrew, etc)
5• Salts ( Open Seasame, Beasti Bloomz, Cha Ching)
6• pH if needed

Follow the feeding schedule for whats needed per feeding. But always mix in this order. If youre not using silica or calmag skip those steps and go straight to base nutrients and follow from there.


:arrow_up_small: this is the way.


I’m new to growing and not an expert, however, from some research, some have have said Fox farm ocean forest is somewhat considered a super soil. With these types of soils, it is recommended to stay organic. For example, dry amendments, compost tea and Down to earth brand. I use boogie brew compost tea. Some fertilizers damage the good soil/ super soil. I haven’t done the research for your product, or recall if it is for soil or hydroponics. If you have time, please watch,
YouTube, Best and worst nutrients to feed cannabis at a grow store.
I hope this helps anyone who needs help with fertilizers

This seems like most logical way. If you dig deep enough you can find alterations, but there is more specific details to deviating from the basic plan. The reason for mixing in specific order is because all of the compounds don’t always play well together.

If you hang around long enough or dig deep enough you’ll find someone to say anything. Ffoc is typically loaded with nutrients, but their lack of consistency with this blend is definitely a blemish. I think the entry into big box stores has rushed their process and caused qa/qc problems. Imo this is a small step above Scott’s products and far from a super soil. I would recommend something like roots original blend over anything from ff 100% of the time. If the 4ish week nutrient load is an issue then amend as needed.


Nailed it! Partly from natural progression, partly from frustration from ff, I’m done with it…there’s lots of more stable and less complicated ways to get there…
Classic case of too big for the britches


This is me circa 2017. When you’re shopping at corner store ffof may be the best option in stock and lots of people use it successfully. But buying a skid of it will make you pull your hair out.


Funny thing is that’s how I found this forum,Problems with fox farm soils and inconsistency… now I’m in coco and have become quite adept at messin everything up😂


May the 4th be with you!


All I’m saying is once you have a super soil you have to be careful what fertilizers you add to it because it can damage the natural soil. Once you use chemicals it become dependent like a drug addiction, it will be reliant on more chemicals and not on natural stimulation. Dry amendments are natural. Agree to disagree.