Mixing Blue and Red LED lights ? Induce flowering

I have a led light system in place . with also a led grow light in place. Im now concern that mixing the collors will induce flowering in veg


Change in light cycle will induce flowering in photo period plants, not the type of light they receive.

You can assist their development in each stage by providing the ideal spectrum for the stage you’re in. But the type of light alone will not cause them to flower.


I’m whit @dbrn32 on that… You also need more light my friend… Much more because your plant is stretching to the light so bad… You need to put a powerful light above and lower her enough to stop her from stretching. Be careful to not burn her, keep your hand between the light and plant and feel if is warm or is to hot.
I hope you have a lot of holes in that bucket… I recommend to repot her in a fabric pot…
If you need more help just ask here.


You need to put that led strip around your plant more closely, like 10-12 inch, I don’t think that light strip will give more heat and will not be harmful to the plant if is to close, but just in case you can verify the heat…
Also you need a fan to move the air in your grow space and that will help your plant to be much stronger, be careful to not break your plant giving her to much wind :grin:.
In time everything will be much easier.