First time grower light question for flowering

I have a few autoflower plants that have been growing for a few weeks now. I have them on 18/6 for light and I’ve started seeing hairs on the plants. Is this the beginning of the flowering stage? Should I be changing the light to the flowering switch that makes the light blue or just leave it as is now. Also, is it too late for me to do any pruning? This is my first time growing anything so any help or tips will help me for the next time as well.

Here is my light


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You want both switches on right now. How did you run it up to this point? Plants look like they stretched quite a bit, not typical of a vipar.


I would not do too much pruning as autos do not like too much stress. You could remove a fan leaf or two if it is blocking a bud from getting light.

As @dbrn32 stated they do look a bit stretched. How close have you been keeping your lights? Also blue lights are for veg red for flower. Both on for flower like @dbrn32 stated.

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Hmm, ok…looks like i may have had it inverted then and had the red on this whole time :frowning:. I just turned on the other one so they are both on right now but I had the light about 24" away since i transplanted them so I’m guessing I messed up with the light color. At least it’s only 2 plants and I can learn from this experience. Anything I can do to help them at this point or are they still going to be ok?

@dbrn32 is the light expert. He only had the flower lights on for veg the entire time. Anything he can do?
Also when you respond to one of us use our forum names like @Heidinstacy. I’m @HJL

Out of likes, that explains a lot @Heidinstacy. That’s exactly what happened and why the plants are that tall with the long node spacing. There’s not really much you can do about it now, maybe try gradually moving the light a couple inches closer every 5-7 days.

If you have anything that you could install to light the sides of the plants will help too. But don’t go out and spend a bunch of money to do it. Just run the veg switch on next time until your plant is close to flower, and then run with both on for remainder of grow. Will be much better that way I promise!

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I appreciate all the help @dbrn32 and @HJL . I will learn from this mistake and hopefully the next plants will do much better!

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Ya, make the switch and no you don’t want to start pruning now. Only do that while they are in veg stage or they will stress