Mixed nutrient storage

Not really sure which category this belongs in but here is my question:

I plan on using cal mag at every single watering…right now I am only watering 4oz ea for seedling. Can I go ahead and mix 1 full gallon and store it? And then when I pour the small amount I need and ph it then just prior to use?

Since I’m on the topic, can I also mix a separate gallon with nutrients with the same plan to shake and pour out only what’s needed and then balance the ph to what I want and use?

I know eventually I’ll be using 2-4 gallons each time but for now I don’t need that much .

Seedlings don’t need supplemental nutrients. If you are using a good cannabis soil, then you won’t need nutrients for a good month after the last transplant.

To answer your question directly - it is not a good idea to premix and use nutrients after more than a couple of days.

I’m using fox farm light warrior in seedling cup, and will be transplanting (around day 21 or so) into sunshine advanced mix 4

Never heard of the Sunshine soil, but with most good cannabis soils you won’t need nutes until ~1 month from your last transplant.

I use FF Happy Frog and I never feed my girls until approx. 8 weeks after germination (a month from the last transplant.)

When you guys mix your nutrients, is there an order you do? I.e cal mag first, then bloom etc then check ph, or do u check ph of the water as is and then add in the nutes?

Check the pH after you’ve added everything and adjust then.

I check PPM before adding cal/mag so I’m sure I am getting the PPMs correct for NPK.

So happy frog iss hot soil like ocean forest?.. I thought you can start using bites on happy frog after about z2-3 weeks

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OF is hotter than HF. OF is good for ~6 weeks from the last transplant and HF is often good for ~4.

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