Miracle preformance

So I planted my seeds in miracle grow preformance and my plants have been in it going on three weeks and are doing fantastic. But I heard its hot soil So I went and got a bag of premix with no time release, a bag of perlite, a bag of organic soil and a bag of compost/manure and was gonna mix it all together and call it good after flushing and I also picked up some 20 20 20 food and found out that’s also wrong. First timer but I’m going to master the art if at all possible? I’m 55 so who knows but I need to know how to handle this problem because I topped them and they are really looking right. My buddy gave me three space kush seeds and they all sprouted…bag seeds, hope I get at least one female. Gonna order some femanised white widow soon unless there is something Easier for a newbe


Look for nutrients specifically formulated for cannabis. I use fox farm trio. You can get it up as a 3 pack. Big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom. That goes for soil mixes as well. I use fox farm ocean forest as my base soil. another common one is happy frog.

Plenty of time. I started growing at 67. There are a surprising number of us out there.
White widow is a good choice. I have grown the auto flower version. My current and first photo is northern lights. 3 weeks into flower and I like what I am seeing. good luck.


Your already off to a good start, you realized your mistake and trying to fix it. I agree with @beardless on the nutrients and soil, I’m in happy frog. I too started with white widow autoflowers the strain is very forgiving and resilient and the seeds were on sale. I’m 39 and I thought it was all young kids on here instead most of the time I’m the young kid ( go figure )


I love to smoke pot my moms 74 and dads 76 both of them still smoke. But even more than that I’m really into the science of it all, I never realised how ( I don’t want to say complex) growing is. But its clearly an art to develop it seems like. I remember when I was a kid I heard time and time again you could change a male to a female with birth control pills but never found out if it was myth or not

It’s definitely an art, that’s one of the reasons the term weed started to aggravate me. I was like weed, weeds just grow it doesn’t take any skill to grow a weed. Cannibus takes skill.

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I’m going to suggest that when you transplant you go into FF Happy Frog. Eventually harsh fertilizers present in the MG soil will dissipate and you can then have some control over the plant.

The problem with building a soil is you don’t have all of the information you need to do a good job. Cannabis likes to be slightly acidic and remain in that ideal range throughout the grow. If you don’t apply additives the buffer the PH you will inevitably have a huge PH drop (like down to 3.0) and your plant will die right in front of your eyes. This of course happens in flower after investing a huge amount of time and effort into getting that far.

I’m an experienced grower and I would be reluctant to build my own soil.


Where can I get the happy frog and do I also get nutrients as well? Another thing, when should I cut my lights back? I’m at 18 hrs and beginning of week three. About 14 inches and doing well.

I got to mixing shit together but have not transplanted. Have three five gallon buckets. Half a bucket of petite, half a bucket of Whitney farms organic raised bed mix, half a bucket of Mountian magic compost and manure, half a bucket of Mountian magic potting soil and a full bucket of promix premium moisture potting mix. How’s that combination sound to all of you who know what your doing? So far the plants are doing great in the miracle grow potting soil but want them out before flowering stage and Fox farm is not around me. South Dakota.

I was thinking about just transplanting into straight promix premium moisture potting mix, my plants are in 1.5 gallon pots and was thinking I would just pull the plant with all the miracle grow soil and drop in the promix?

You want something low in salts like Happy Frog due to being potted in MG. Just my opine.

I have no patience. I gotta develop some. Anyway, I mixed two parts pro mix premium moisture, one part organic potting soil, one part compost/manure and one part perlite. I run my lights from 530 am to 1130 pm so at 1130 I transplanted and watered. When I turned the lights on this morning two were reaching for the sky and one was drooping but not a lot. I got home from work and all three are looking fantastic. I still have some mg that was around the root system in the mix but I’m thinking I have a couple more weeks before I cut my lights back so I’m just going to water for those two weeks. Gonna pick up test kits this week. Ya, I wanted happy frog but I’m in South Dakota and none close. My next run I’m going with Happy frog from the beginning and white widow feminised seeds. What do you think about co2 generator? Baking soda and vinegar drip bottle?

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A lot of the reason miracle grow soil is bad is time released fertilizers and their duration. When harvest time comes it takes a massive flush to rid the soil of ferts and allow plant to use up what is stored in the plant for better marijuana buds. Welcome to the community and know there are no stupid questions. Everyone here has been extremely helpful.

For a plant to utilize CO2 the first step is enough light. IIRC it takes about 1,000 µmol/joule/m2 for the plant in normal atmosphere. It requires 1,500 for CO2 to be of benefit. Then you need a sealed grow space that is climate controlled in a closed loop, use a high push of hydroponics and high partial pressures of CO2: to where it’s harmful to be in the room. Gas bags are a complete waste of money.

Digital meters are usually preferred over drops or strips. The accuracy of those is lower than a good meter. And I don’t mean one of those 3-in-1 meters you see at garden shops.

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So where is a good place to pick one up and what is the best brand?

The Apera PH20 is good:


Any inexpensive TDS meter that reads PPM: