Miracle Grow Moisture Control

Well after 13 days in a 5 gallon bucket with The dreaded Miracle Grow Moisture Control this is what I got. No nutes or anything other than garden hose water added…

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Miracle grow moisture control is a good medium for cannabis honestly , many used it with added 30% perlite and 1/4 cup of dolomite crush lime truthfully , but I’ll chime in my buddy who is a amazing clones and perpetual grower and this is his soil of choice , I think he raised like 6 th generation white widows clone sin this soil @garrigan62


your to kind Yoshi,

and yes it was 6 generations of W.W.
if using this soil you need not feed them nutrents until there in there 2nd month of veg. unless they show signs of wanting it.


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@garrigan62 it’s true , I’ve learn so much from you early on with growing , than we help each other figure out nutrients transitioning schedules , you help me with ILGM booster and I help you with advance , brotherly love Sir , much respect to your knowledge and skills , still want one of them coffee tables though , I can strap it on my saddle bags and bike into the house lol .

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Did you add any additional nutrients though?