Miracle Grow and Tap Water

Nothing special Miracle grow Tap water and a touch of Big Bud. 90 days from seed.


Guess I should chop the ugly bitch down…

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Nice one ! I’ve got some big bud, I think you’re going to like it !

I might leave it go a little longer ? looks like lot of white pistils still…


Im planting BIG BUD, next spring, can’t wait😆

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I’m talking about the Nute. Big Bud.

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Alright then you saved her life for now.


Lol Those are some very nice large buds bro what strain is she?

Bulldog bite

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She may b a Lil unattractive , but let her finish she might b wearing glass slippers… Lol


Had to trim 23 buds yesterday stll have probably that many I left on to see if she will gimme more. Anyways wet weight was 5.5 oz’s outta those 23 hanging buds.