Miracle grow 1-1-1 good for marijuana?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have all plants on light 24/7 , there is also Organic miracle grow, how much should I use?

In my experience, the plants need some period of darkness. Think of it as resting time, or sleep. Their genetics were evolved under conditions of light/dark/light/dark. I would agree with Robert that 20 hours is a good day for Autos.

The Miracle Grow - start off using 15-20% of what the package says. M.G. is great fert., but it is very strong (i.e. ‘hot’). This iwll seem like a ridicuously small amount to use, but take my word for it. I’ve been growing since the late 70’s.


I agree with Jodie about your photo period. I do not know why people want to attempt a grow and never rest the plant.

I am sure that MG is fine, but the way you held the bag, only 1/2 of label was readable to me, 9legally blind) nede PDF. Anyway; You may need some micro nutrients or other essential minerals or chelates in order to get 100% out of the plants, but it should do the job.

Now Jodie said use a small amount of recommended dosage, and I agree with this too; To an extent. If the bag has a listing for seedlings, then I would look at that before I just customized the formula myself. With that said. Always follow directions on the bag. If you need to lower the mixture ratio then do it; And for seedlings, It is always a good idea to use the philosophy that “Less is more”

One final note. It is hard to make an informed suggestion with out the proper info.

  1. How old are plants. Makes a big difference.
  2. What are you growing in? Does the medium that you are using contain nutrients already?
    How are you checking the PH of your runoff?

Good Luck