I'm a beginner looking for tips and tricks

My plant is in the newborn stage right now there just now coming thru the dirt how long should I wait before I put miracle grow on it I’ve never did this could use all the help I can get


Download Robert’s grow bible, read it. It will definitely help you out.


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Is miracle grow good to use should I be using it?

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Best tip I have would probably be not to do that. If you’re in an amended soil it probably won’t need any feed for a few weeks. At which point you could probably find something a little better to use than miracle grow.


The best tip I can give you is read read read. Read all the guides for what stage growth you are in. Seedling currently.

The next tip is do not over water. When your plants sprout they go through a stage when there roots are developing. Most new growers think they are not growing and want to give them water to solve the problem and end up drowning the seedlings.

The next tip is do not use MG poducts. Its not that they don’t have a good product but it is not the best for MJ

Lights. If you are growing inside you will need more light then most new growers think.

Welcome and happy growing :sunglasses::us:


@jaon7615 Good morning! I am of a totally different type of suggestion. When a seed first sprouts it needs to develop a strong root system in order to be strong and have the ability to hold up those big colas. Adding any type of food now would be taking from that root development and forcing growth on the top side of the plant, which in turn produces weak stalks and stems caused by rapid growth without the healthy root system it needs. Your soil has most of everything your plant needs and usually feeds up to 3 months. Let your girl develop a healthy first 3 months and then start feeding if you so choose.


Have a question concerning payment on seeds i ordered. Chose cash option. A bit nervous. But wanna be respectful of your business. I lgm myself. Just never purchased seeds from your company. Can you help?

@dbrn32 is absolutely right! If $ tight GH is a good nute & easy to use. Welcome! Cant wait to see your bud porn!

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This sight is legit… no worries… :wink:



Thx peachfuss!

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MG is ok but remember its formulated as a multi coverage nute so no way to fine tune it but start off 1/4 strength and go up to 1/2 strength and maybe stagger cycles pure water then next watering use nute mixture and you wont need anything for first few weeks. lastly keep an eye on them

I’m not sure what kind of miracle gro you use, but most of what I’ve seen is heavy in time release nitrogen. When you’re talking about added to an amended soil, under normal veg times soils will carry that alone. So feeding would start around the start of flowering. Time release nitrogen is probably the last thing you want to be adding at that point.


Very professional site and people. You have nothing to worry about.


Best advice there possibly is. DO THE HOMEWORK!!! By all means please ask all the questions you have, but you MUST read the guidelines ILGM provides, their grow bible and their plant care book. Read it all, understand it all and when you question something or don’t understand it, research it or ask here. Biggest mistakes I see people make here are sprouting seeds without knowledge of what’s to come…once the problem sets in it could be too late. Be prepared and happy growing :innocent:

PS you can always reply and ask more questions here, you don’t have to make a new topic for every question. Just a heads up


Amen Brother! I read for three months and when I sprouted my seeds I still did it wrong. lol
I’m in MI and we may vote in Recreational use in November where people can grow 12 plants. I can see people trying to grow all there bag seed and getting it all wrong because they thought it would be so easy. Its not :sunglasses::us:


Same! I didn’t read for 3 months, but I put in a lot of time non stop thumbing through websites and forums etc. It’s so hard to understand all the minor details that fly at you during the early stages. Plus the understanding that every minor detail (soil, nutes, light) makes such a huge difference to how you can grow. It’s not as simple as A+B=C when your A or B is not the exact as everyone else. So for new growers you have to understand the specifics of your water ph, your soil, your nutes etc etc and not just say o the average ph is 6.5-6.8… But wait what soil are you in? Lol…

Congrats! I wish DE would join the club! There’s talks but nothing solid yet, it’s decriminalized currently…better than nothing.


Another bit of good advice is document everything with some kind of journal. This is invaluable when you are looking at the plant in late flower.

MG is also almost entirely produced from petrochemicals and despite it’s popularity for veggies, it produces a noxious smoke in cannabis.


I’m with @Myfriendis410. You might think you will remember the details of what you did and when. You likely won’t! Create a journal or use a spreadsheet or something. Read everything and come up with a nutrient schedule and amounts to use. Pay attention to the pH. Easy to screw that up and have issues. Like @MAXHeadRoom said read a lot and save yourself some heartache. I read the forum about every day and it is amazing the things your trip across even when the title of the post would not make you think there is a nugget to be found in it.
Good luck @jaon7615.
Oh yes, and I forgot to mention this is an addictive hobby! More fun than a lot of hobbies are for sure!!


Read Read Read, the knowledge available is ONLY limited by your drive to acquire it.

Miracle grow is not suitable for this and will almost definitely kill or seriously fubar the plant (in my experience) 98% of the time.

another thing i found ou the hard way, DO NOT skimp on lights. It may seem budget friendly but those 45w amazon led panels are only BARELY suitable for supplemental lighting, even my first 300w viparspectra wasnt performing to my standards, so instead of sinking money in only to find out that you should just bit the bullet and went higher wattage in the end anyway. if you are using other lighting methods then you dont have to worry as much but then heat becomes a higher variable to consider. but id say dont even consider anything under 600w at all unless its for a sprouting tent or something.

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