Minor issue with my seedling

Middle right side plant is having some brown spotting/leaf tips. It is a zkittles gorilla glue strain, the other two are gdp. All have been treated fairly, but I’m guessing genetics plays a role. From what I’ve read, I may be dealing with a calcium deficiency. I have been only giving the little ones distilled water. I’ve fed twice with the bergmans fertilizer seedling mix. Since the mix was 1/2tsp a gallon, I used 1/4 per gallon math and gave a “bump” of nutes like 1/32 tsp I could probably count the granules. Ppm was at 325ish I believe. Other than that, I mixed a little ffof to the bottom inch of my Dixie cup, the rest was a very neutral seed starter mix. Again, the other two were treated the same, but possibly a root sprouted into a hot spot in the ffof? I flushed it and transplanted a day later, and it does look better, just trying to fine tune. Are they a good size for 4 weeks? I’ve seen others videos and pictures and they seem a lot bigger.

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To me it looks like a potassium (pot-ash-ium) issue with the edges of the leaves points…

Without knowing your details of soil used etc etc it’s hard to say.
PH ppm etc

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