Seedling — Brown Spots

Hello again :blush:

Just need to diagnose this problem on my little orange seedling here… Their names are Orange and Blue from zip ties but both same strain.

Water pH is 5.7, ppm is 300. I fed 2ml of micro, grow, bloom and 1mL CaliMag per gallon. Roots began touching the water two days ago, I was hand watering before and so I am thinking it’s problems with the nutes as the spots weren’t there before. We’re doing a full res change tonight and taking ppm down to 200-250 to see if that helps.

Any ideas?

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What do you guys think?

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For hydro I think 300 ppm is too low, I run at 1,200 to 1,300 but that’s my own mix, I don’t use store bought anymore and it took me years to perfect my mix, but still I think 300 is too low, maybe in soil but there again I hit them with 1,500 or higher every couple weeks or sooner in soil if they look hungry. I had nothing but ambiguity trying to follow directions with store bought. Their recommendations are all over the road like a drunk driver!

The rooter looks wet in the picture… how is your stem and roots looking?

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You may have had a period of time with the wrong PH which could have caused the issue you see. I would up the nutes after rez change to around 600 ppm and 5.7 to 5.9 PH. At this point I would be using GH micro and GH bloom in a 1 to 2 ratio: Lucas Formula. A little silica and cal mag and you are good. As your plants grow they can be brought up to around 800 to 900 ppm for late veg.

@MattyBear asked a good question on the water level in your bucket. It needs to be 1 to 2 inches below the net pot.


I thought ppm was to linger around 250-300 for seedlings…? I can bring it up to 600 tomorrow, but planned to wait until next week. I did have the pH a LITTLE off maybe 6.4 but it was only for maybe 6 hours as I check twice a day at least. Happened overnight I believe.

@MattyBear my water is 1.5 inch below the net pot. The roots JUST touched down in the water two days ago so it could have been from when I would wet the rooter a little before they were out of the net pot as hand watering. They would get bone dry by morning so I’d usually mist the rooter a little once a day.

What is the silica you are referring to? First time I am hearing of this nute. Could you give me a link?

I was thinking same thing. Micro has all the other nutrients that the plant needs

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It’s for the roots. Keeps them healthy. Find on Amazon

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That’s not a seedling.

Adds strength to the plant and disease resistance. It also helps with nutrient uptake.

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Ahhhh see I had read first 1-2 weeks were seedlings and these were dropped from seed on April 18th… must be because it is the “speedy” chilie so it’s probably going quick. I completely spaced and honestly as second grow it’s hard to tell the difference when they’re this small for me. Hoping to 600ppm tonight and I’ll try the Lucas formula with Cali and this silica.

Thanks for your help!

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When would we say it goes to veg from seedling? How many leaves? So I know for the next two I drop in two weeks

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Two weeks should be ample unless there’s a problem. You can look at the plant and see when the taproot is established because it starts pushing leaves. That’s when they are going to need veg nutes if in a nutrient free medium like hydro or coco.