Miniature marijuana plants?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve been looking on the Internet about ppl growing miniature plants, and was wondering if that’s even possible. If so how’s the best way of attempting that and what’s the best kind of strain to do so?

They are called Auto-Flower strains.  Some shorter than other's.  But 40 " mature plant dying from old age is a miniture plant.   I'm doing my first grow with them, and as I obsessively read-up about them, I think there may be nothing better for the indoor grower.  Just now I was thinking, as I opened the grow room door for passive vntilation, I don't have to worry about light leaks.  Or power outages.  I have a generator, by chance, but I'm thinking that the auto-flower's would just start back up again when the lights come on.  I'm one week into my first Auto-grow.  But if they are 70 % of what I have read they are, it's going to be a great Summer in the Land of Enchantment.  Just jump in, Fellow Gardener, the water's just fine. ;-)

You can also grow a regular strain in a small cup severely limiting the root growth. Placing it in flower immediately would grow a really small marijuana plant.
I have witnessed a couple grows from people with too much time on their hands! :smiley:

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t auto flowering plants flower with or without a light schedule?

You are perfectly right, lfrass. 12/12. 18/6. I’m doing my very first grow at 20/4. Somehow, it seems intuitively correct that a plant from our planet needs a short amount of dark time (rest time). Although I do know that Ruderallis does grow wild in Northern Siberia, where they have 24 sun, as in Alaska, in the late Summer. But, again, you correct, Sir.