Mimosa outdoor grow

Hey guys. Stoked to be here. So I planted my mimosa clone on mothers day. Here she is today approximately 7.5 weeks in. I just transplanted to its final 5 gallon bucket. Growing outdoors in sunny San Diego.
I’ve started w nutrients like liquid karma and now I’ve moved to cal mag with bat guano topping. !just wondering what to expect next. I am proud how she is doing and hoping for maximum yield. Any thought on my pruning or the general look of Mimi?


@Ohirony Welcome to the forum.Mimi is looking good

Looks good keep doing what your doing

Do you think think is a good final home? What kind of yield would I get in a container like this iutdoors

Here a couple new photos. Looks like I’m around week three of flowering. Any thoughts. Does it look right?! Also do you think this is a suitable final home? What type of yield could I expect?