After almost losing her she’s in her second to last pot, did a transfer due to bad medium

  • Strain: Mimosa
  • Method: Fox Farm, Happy Frog
  • Vessels: 12 inch pot with plenty of ventilation holes
  • PH of Water:NA, Soil: 6.7, Runoff 6.5
  • Indoor
  • Light system: 600 watt Full Spectrum LED with Veg and Bloom
  • Temps; 79 F
  • Humidity; varies, it’s been hard to control, lowest 50% highest 54%
  • Ventilation system; , No, home made one small desk fan inside and larger fan outside for fresh airflow
  • Humidifier
  • Co2; Yes

So just transplanted her, she’s gonna stress out but hopefully for not to long, got her in better soil fingers crossed but what do you guys all think?