Mildew during flower? Bud Rot? Please help (Super Skunk Auto)

Looking for some help with one of my ladies. Please Please Please! Can someone help me determine if my plant is subject to mold or moisture issues? I am having trouble finding visual signs of any mildew or bud rot, but there is an odor (almost reminds me of mildew, or a wet basement smell maybe). Planted in ffof, sprouted on 1/16 (58 Days), flower started roughly 20 days ago.

I have attached some pictures, hopefully they help. What other areas can I check on this plant to confirm before I toss it? I don’t want it to spread to my other plant so I currently have it sitting in my garage until confirmed it has a mold/moisture issue. Hate to toss it, but also hate to possibly effect my other very slow Sour Diesel Auto

Any help is super appreciated!

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I’ve been hitting the pipe hard tonight but I’m seeing nothing but a healthy plant


She is very thick. Might could use some cleanup for airflow. As you clean her up any yucky rotting leaves in there come out.


I dont see anything. Check your area around it. Or is it just a terpin smell your not use to. Or something in the soil or nutes. Manure smells odd when in soil. Not a poop smell but more a mildew smell. Let soil dry out really good and see if it goes away or lessens.


Sweet, thanks man!

Working on cleaning up some of the excess leaves to improve airflow. Hopefully that will help. Thanks

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Ok thanks, I will keep that in mind and give that a shot.

This plant just starting getting some terps the last few days. Hopefully the smell will pass by tomorrow. Or I get used to it? Just don’t want to overlook an issue and possibly spread it to my other plants. But I have looked high and low and can’t find anything anywhere. Only the white spots on the steams as seen in the pictures

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White spots on stems can be normal can be big larvae but if u see no bugs I’d not worry. Wpm u’ll know as u’ll see white patches forming on the leaves it’ll look like a white dull spot and get whiter by the day. The plant leaves do appear to be super shiny may be a slight bit too much nitrogen. Me myself I’d do a water only with cal mag once or twice to get the n level down some. Bud rot u’ll know as it’ll look like a web being built in the bud or the bud starts to get a brownish look to it as it does off.

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I dont see anything give it a defoliation to allow more air flow do have any fans in ur tent if not get a fan in there to give airflow