Michigan outdoor growing

NEW to growing, I am in Michigan and will be looking to plant in mother nature. Any suggestions on a good seed for my location and being a beginner


Northern lights would be a great beginner strain for your area.

Michigan here also, any short flowering will work for you. An auto is also something to consider. Welcome to the forum @jscherencel

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Thanks for the advice. Covertgrower around what time do you start your seeds so they can be moved outdoors

This is really relative to the size you want. Also it depends if you decide on an auto, or a photoperiod.
If you start a photoperiod, you can have trees when fall comes. This becomes an issue with neighbors if they can see them.
Autos can get get large, but not as large as a photoperiod.
I would say to start a photo period within the next few weeks, and you should be good.
Auto, I would wait a few weeks after the last frost, and a few extra. You don’t want to stunt it’s growth, there’s not much time for recovery.

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Two years of outdoor grow here in west central Michigan. LSD, and Durban Poison.