Mephesto final 2 plants

Here are my last 2 Mephesto plant. I’ve already harvested the forgotten strawberry and the 4 assed monkey x toof decay. Forgotten strawberrys yeild was pretty small. Even for an auto. A little over 1/2. Buds, like all the others, are super dense. 4 assed monkey x toof decay is a different story. Fat dense buds and alot of them. About 2 1/2 oz. The one that looks damn ready to chop is Ripley OG, and the other just seems to keep growing is 3 bears og x orange diesel. What do ya think?


looking incredible

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Nice looking buds, but pretty small yields for the time, and investment. I prefer the more dependable photos, but nice job.


Once these are done, I’m going to run blackberry moonrocks photo. It’ll be my 1st photo in 3 years. Got them through expert seeds.

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I’m betting you’ll be much happier.