Anybody grown a lot of Mephisto freebies?

Hey everyone, I’ve been collecting my Mephisto freebies for a while now. I’ve said I was going to try some a bunch of times, but they’ve never made it into any of my grows because I kept buying more strains and wanted to grow them first. So I’m definitely putting a few in my next run, and just curious if anyone here has grown any of these ones. I have either 5 or 10 of each of the following.

Toof Decay x Walter White

Samsquanch x Forum Stomper

Skywalker x Creme De La Chem

3 Bears OG x Mango Smile

Sour Stomper x Forum Stomper

Mango Smile x Grape Crinkle

El Chemi Kiwi x Northern Cheese Haze

Creme De La Chem x (3 Bears x Creme De La Chem)

(Double Grape x Skywalker) x Skywalker

(Creme De La Chem x Sour Stomper) x Skywalker

(Double Grape x Creme De La Chem) x Mango Smile

(Skywalker x Forum Stomper) x Samsquanch

(Forgotten Cookies x Forum Stomper) x (Forum Stomper x Samsquanch)

Any pics of any Mephisto freebies you’ve grown would be greatly appreciated, especially any of the ones on my list. Also any info about how they did, and how you liked the final product.

Funny thing is I’ve grown almost every one of parent strains in my list of freebies and enjoyed them all, but I’m still thinking of the freebie seeds as “less than” for some reason, lol.


@Graysin ?


Nice collection of freebies :metal::green_heart:


I don’t have any of them, somehow.

I was not impressed with the bud structure of my mango smile, but she was a big plant.

I loved my Samsquanch, and she has, in turn, produced the Yeti Wedding we all know and love. I’d put my money on any of the Sammy crosses.


Or those two.

This one is also very probably absolute fire.


Thanks everyone! @Graysin, I’m actually overcrowded right now because I totally underestimated the size of my current plants. I’ve grown a lot of their bigger strains, and I usually keep it around 9 or 10 plants. I decided to go with 13 on this run because I have a few 4 Assed Monkey, 24 Carat, and Gold Glues, with a few others, and they’re supposed to be the smaller plants in their catalog. I’ll get some pics tonight when I feed, they’re anything but small, lol.


I’ve found the Mango Smiles a bit difficult to keep happy, but I’ve loved the yields and the buds. They’re definitely hungrier than most Mephisto strains I’ve grown.


@Graysin, have you seen the new Iluminautos they released? I thought of you because a few of them have Samsquanch as a parent strain, but 1 really caught my eye. The Samsquanch x Manbearalienpig. I’m really wanting to try that one, and they’re on sale. They also have one that’s Samsquanch x 4 Assed Monkey.

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I haven’t, I have to keep myself from looking at seeds these days. I can’t start any while I’m waiting to move, so it’s killing me. :joy: Consequently, no new seed stock while I can’t rotate out the old stuff.


Update, I grew several of the freebies in my last run, and by chance I found one of my favorite weeds ever.

The El Chemi Kiwi x Northern Cheese Haze produced some of the best weed I’ve ever had. It’s funny because neither of the parent strains ever caught my attention. I’ve bought a couple dozen Mephisto strains over the years, but never tried El Chemi Kiwi or Northern Cheese Haze.

This weed gets me high to the point where I almost feel like it’s too strong, lol. I haven’t smoked anything like that in several years. So if any of you guys are sitting on any El Chemi Kiwi x Northern Cheese Haze freebies, you might want to start a few on your next grow. If you do, please let me know if you like it as much as I do.

I’ll also note that all the freebies did very well. They all got just as big as the main strains do, and produced just as well.

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