Mendo Mix by Royal Gold

I’m getting ready to germinate my Autoflowering GG, and was wondering if I should plant them directly into 5 gal buckets with Mendo Mix alone? Perhaps I should make a little spot with some seed starter into the mendo mix? Is this Mendo Mix I bought to strong for sprouts?
Sorry for all the Q’s, but thanks in advance for your help.

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I’ve personally have never heard of the type mix. Maybe @Covertgrower knows someone that has. Matter of fact, I’ve never grow in soil, period.
Ever thought about up-grading to hydro?
Good luck ! :sunglasses:

Thanks. The Royal Gold Mendo Mix comes from Humbolt,
I hear Hydro is a bit more complicated to grow in then dirt. Maybe once I have a little more experience

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To me, the only hard part about hydro is putting it all together. Having grown in coco, I can honestly say, hydro (water) is soooo much easier. The growth is explosive.
I think everyone that has grown in dirt or coco and now in water would tell you just how much easier it is.
If I can ever help with your transition to hydro, feel free to give me a shout.
Good luck with everything.

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I prefer rapid rooters plugs, but sounds like the mix would work too.

Hydro is not feasible for my current space. Pumps are noisy in the bedroom. New grow space will be separate, and should be able to do what I want. @HappyHydroGrower on the 17th… come help. Lol

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Appreciate your help. Sounds like a lot of supporters of the hydro.
Still looking for anyone that has used the mendo mix, and their experiences.
Thanks again for all the support.

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Okay, I am going share the answer I received from the Royal Gold Guys:
I wouldn’t recommend Mendo to start the seeds. I would start them in the Kings Mix, Basement Mix or the Tupur. Kings and Basement are mildly amended and won’t burn your starts, and the Tupur is inert with 0 nutrient content. Then transplant your autos into the Mendo once established. Mendo has enough nutrients to last for about 4 weeks.

Or you can start and finish in Kings, or Basement. These two will supply enough nutrients for 2-3 weeks, and then feed accordingly. A lot of customers have it setup so they start flowering when the nutes run out, and then just switch to flowering-based nutrients.