Meet Natasha Fatale ( 2024 sprout - Tropicana Cookies )

*You’re right, @PogueMahone
Bullwinkle’s coming for Natasha

She’s about 2 weeks away from the lighting flip to 12/12 . . . the end of her summer


4th Week Documentation:

Posting a day early, since no action needed today (Sat, Mar 23)


Leaves are looking perfect!!!


GAME PLAN UPDATE: Down from 12 flowers to 6

I’ve been cultivating Natasha to sprout strong stems that can support extra big blooms . . .

. . . but the diameter of a 5-gallon grow sack only gives enough space to sprout 6 bulked-up flower stems. Disappointing

Somewhere around here, I’ve still got a 10-gallon grow sack stashed. I wonder whether a 10-gallon growsack would maybe give enough space for 12 swole stems. Maybe next grow? There’s still unsprouted Tropicana Cookies seeds around here too !

On the Nutrient Front:
I’ve been waiting to feed Natasha . . .
. . . Even tho she’s in VEGETATIVE stage, the only nutes she’s been getting are occasional foliar feedings of Cal/Mag

In the past:

  • Right as “nighttime” starts (right when the grow light switches off)
  • I cool the temperature in the tent about 10 degrees
  • And I spray/mist her with water - unless her soil still feels damp from being watered the day before. If the soil is still damp, then her leaves get squirted with Cal/Mag solution instead. No watering. Just a little humidity reward at the end of her sunny day

That changed today! (Sun, Mar 24)

Today, Natasha got her second ever taste of nutes. I can tell she likes it because her little leaves are reaching up to the light

For the rest of her VEGETATIVE stage, she’s gonna get AN’s B52 treatment (pH Perfect). And I’ll keep on spray/misting (OR foliar feeding) same as always


Ready for Natasha to grow UP
I’ve kept her at 5-inches (13 cm) for long enuf
She’s eager to grow toward the light, and there’s plenty of room to let her run.



You know, I am curious if a 12 cola plant will yield appreciably more than a 6 cola plant. If so, how much more?

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5th Week Documentation:


Nute Notes:

This is a note to myself . . . information I might want for a future grow.

During this first grow I’ve scrupulously followed mixing instructions for AN’s proprietary 3-part “pH Perfect”. . . Micro, Grow, & Bloom. That was a mistake.

The problems I’ve observed have been minor. . . 1) leaves that curl after a feeding and 2) the plant’s height has remained unexpectedly compact.

As opinion, I believe the N-P-K ratio for AN’s 3-part mix has been less-than-optimal for my plant. To be specific I believe the “P” (phosphorus) was too high for a Photo-Period plant like mine (grown in soil).
Beginning last Sunday (Mar 31st), here are the adjustments I made:

  • During Vegetative Stage (now that the soil is no longer ‘hot’ from being new):
    Use “Micro” (2:0:0) and use “B52” (2:1:4). Then, adjust pH.
    Making this adjustment gets my nute mix closer to an optimal N-P-K ratio of 3:1:1.

After making this adjustment ONE DAY AGO, two changes have been observed . . . 1) Strong upward growth and 2) an increase in scent

No changes are needed for Cal/Mag. Foliar feeding has been successful so I should keep doing that.

  • When I eventually reach Flowering Stage (in a couple of weeks):
    Use only “Bloom” (1:3:4). Then, adjust pH.
    Making this change will keep me closer to an optimal N-P-K ratio of 1:3:2

Want to see for yourself what the optimal N-P-K ratios for cannabis are? Use AI (checking citations, of course) Here’s the question I asked Copilot:

“Based on scientific testing, what is the optimal N-P-K ratio for cannabis plants grown in soil during the “vegetative” stage? In the “flowering” stage?”

FWIW, here are the N-P-K values published on AN’s website as of Mar 31, 2024:

  • Micro: 2:0:0
  • Grow: 1:0:4
  • Bloom: 1:3:4
  • B52: 2:1:4

It is my opinion that pH Perfect instructions are designed for coco coir, not soil. I congratulate you, you discovered the problem and took corrective action. It took me a little longer to come to the conclusion…and an emergency flush.

I now use Happy Frog Organic granular fertilizer, I use pH Perfect as a booster at the beginning of Flower.


Awesome job figuring out exactly what to do. Reading the plants is key and you did it perfectly. I’ve noticed that a lot of the charts companies post, still need a little change here and there. Every plant is different and you gotta figure out what they want and need. I commend you on figuring it out. Brilliant job my friend!!!


Every Ending is a Beginning

Posting pics a little early since I’ve flipped Natasha’s grow light to a 12/12 schedule.

  • Starting today, the light in her grow tent flicks on at 7pm and off at 7am - 12 hours.

The end of VEG stage is the start of FLOWER

Until April 18th - Her nutes will stay unchanged
She’ll keep getting the same Micro & B52 - as well as a little Cal/Mag. I’ll also keep pruning secondary buds from each of the six manifold stems I’ve cultivated. That gives her 2 weeks to “stretch”

Beginning Apr 19th - Her nutes will get changed to:

  • a) Bump up phosphorus and
  • b) decrease nitrogen


Looking stellar


she’s a beauty


Looking good!!

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Looks like a happy girl to me. Nice work. Cant wait to dee what’s to come.

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6th Week Documentation:

  • Six days have passed since the mix of nutes being fed to Natashs got adjusted (SUNDAY)
  • Two days have passed since I posted a pic showing Natasha’s height at 7 inches (17.75 cm) (THURSDAY)

In that short amount of time, she’s grown 2 inches (5 cm) . . . definitely stretching the way a healthy plant should after lighting gets switched down to 12 hours.


Next thing you know, they’ll be like

Time lapse of the transition (

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She’ll really start stretching here shortly!!! It’s amazing how much they can stretch in just a few weeks. Then, once the stretch is over, they’ll start fattening those buds!!! Killer job!!!

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Let the Experiment Begin . . .

Two weeks ago, @PogueMahone, you were curious about something:

Me, too!

So, let’s do a test that’s based on conventional knowledge that a 2-cola plant delivers a bigger yield than a plant with just one big fat cola.

Meet Rocky & Bullwinkle
At the bottom of this posting, there’s a pic that shows one of Natasha’s six manifold stems. This one stem was singled-out for torture. It got “snipped” so that it would form two colas-in-training. I’m calling them Rocky & Bullwinkle

Test Criteria:

When harvested, will this one 2-cola stem (both Rocky & Bullwinkle) have a heavier yield than any of the other one-cola stems ? Will it be heaviest of the six?

Experiment Criteria:

  • One hybrid photo-period plant
  • Grown in soil
  • Indoor grow in a tent


  • Water & Nutrients . . . all six manifold stems share the same root system
  • Lighting . . . the one 2-cola stem begins this experiment at a height disadvantage.
    The stem’s vertical growth got slowed by the crop needed to make this stem become diploid. Rocky’s gonna have to fly to catch up and reach canopy height!
  • All side-bud removal stops now. From this point forward, for all six manifold stems I will stop removing potential sucker growth


  • Sample-Size Risk . . . this experiment tests a hypothesis using only one plant. Re-testing with a larger sample size would be needed to reach statistical certainty.



                   **MOOSE ON THE LOOSE!!!**

End of 7th Week - Day 11 of Flower

Natasha got a top-dressing of Happy Frog & water today - at a ratio of 3:1.
Its a final blast of nitrogen as her lingering days of sunshine begin

  • The setting for the grow tent exhaust fan got changed - reducing humidity to comfortable summer-dry.

  • She don’t need “B52” no more.
    From here on out, the only NPK ratio Natasha’s gonna taste is 1:3:4 (with a lil Cal/Mag)

Rocky & Bullwinkle: