Girl scout cookies grow journal

Here are my 5 feminized GSC 36 days from seed. Who wants to go along for the journey?

They are all in 3 gallon pots and will stay in these pots throughout the grow. I havent decided if I want to top or just lollipop the lower branches. I have already cut back the lower 3 nodes on each plant. This is my first time growing this strain. I am just watering at 6.5ph and using subcools charge pack with ffof. Any input appreciated.

I will move these into my flowering tent once my northern lights finish up, you can see them on one of my other posts if you want.


Looking good nice and green.

Oh yeah plants look healthy !

Looks good what’s the growing medium & what nutes, lighting?

Mars hydro tsw 2000 for lighting it has a max draw of 300 watts. For nutes I used the subcool super soil additive mixed into ffof. No additional nutes should be needed during the grow. They will have the mars hydro fc 4800 when I put them in the flower tent.

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Healthy girls look nice and green

Getting bigger by the hour lol

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Should I top these ladies or let them keep growing as normal?