Measurable difference in top/fim vs. natural

Anyone ever test if they see a measurable difference in autos for topping/fimming over just letting them go natural? I’m doing an auto, and growing a tomato in the same tent (winter time project). I know the tomato may be hard to control height, so thinking I may let the auto grow taller by not fimming like I normally would. Just a curious question really.

You can top a tomato plant to keep it short and bushy, just like cannabis… Just a thought.


Yeah, I thought about that. Guess I’ll try. Something to play with this winter. Never grew anything in conjunction with a marijuana plant before. This should be interesting.

Do you usually grow autos? The reason I ask is I have a couple hours there I’m going to be growing and in my first experience I didn’t know it was an auto it was supposed to be a photo and I mainlined it so obviously high stress in it and then it flowered like a week later so that one I pretty much screwed up but I got two more that are starting and I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. I didn’t even know topping and auto was in the picture. When do you top it

I’m actually testing it right now with two autos. One in a 3 gal one in a 1 gal. Both topped.

Did you top as soon as you get five or six nodes or when did you talk how many times can you top an auto

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I did 5th-6th node

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The results will really come down to how long the auto stays in veg and how well each canopy is managed. If either were to be done too late that plant can’t revover doesn’t work out very well. You can also train a plant into having several somewhat equal main colas without ever topping or fimming.


Nebula Haze does have the test results of 2 sure by side grows where one is natural and one is trained. Cool article.


I will check it out. I fimmed my last one and it worked great. Got 7 dry ounces.

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Starting our bucking process tomorrow. Anxious to see how much we get.

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4 pounds out of 12 plants!!!