May little one be autoflowering strain?

Hello friends,

My friend gave me this seeds as autoflowering seeds. They are 30 days old. Bigger one i think is autoflowering, but what do you think about small one? May it be also autoflowering strain? Thanks for advices🙌


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You won’t know if it’s an autoflower unless it starts to flower with more than 13-14 hours of light.

Just a bit of advice. Those pots are gonna b too small and should b all the way full of soil. MJ also needs a lot of air exchange and drainage at the roots. If u choose to stick with those pots I would poke a lot of holes in the sides.

If u use fabric pots u won’t have to pull them out of the rain as they drain all excess water and dry out quickly.

Now the bad news. Auto flowers don’t like being transplanted and those pots are not the easiest to transplant out of. The roots tend to get damaged.

If they were my plants (which they are not) I would cut that plastic pot from the big one and transplant the small one ASAP before it gets a large root system.

Good luck with whatever u choose to do.


Thank you👍 My last autoflowering strains✋

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