May I ask what you think? Be honest I can take it

Ok guys/gals here it is, please let me know what you think. One is green crack from seed? And the other is super silver haze and the 3rd I am not sure so if you could tell me that would be great.

I’m just a beginner but nice job!!,I hope I can grow something like that soon,I’m not good enough to tell you what the third pic is but it looks damn good


No idea, but I can see you did a fine job growing :slight_smile:

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That looks 50x better than my first grow.

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I thank you so very much. I read and read over and over again. I slowly gathered everything and then finally put it all together and it is nice. I just want to learn how to bulk them up along the way better?

I did the exact opposite…kinda just tried germinating some seeds someone gave me to see if I could and when they actually popped and started growing I thought ‘Oh shit I need to take care of these’ I really hadn’t even smoked weed before I popped them either but then I figured now was a good time to start.

I’m with Latewood,you’re doing a fine job!!!

Guys/Gals you have no idea how great this is making me feel. I just don’t hear that kind of stuff from whom I should but never anything about my girls! My very first “grow” was last year when a friend gave me 3 clones. I had 2 root rot and the 3rd I put up make shift foam board to block light and to keep the heat in at that time. Maybe feb March timeing. Anyway it was OG Kush my fav!! I grew it with gh nutrients flushed it Jared it and wow!!! Did I ever smoke it! And that’s what hooked me. I bought everything that one would need to build a room with everything for nothing. That didn’t happen but a year latter I had everything I need and started building. Dropped my first bean nov 21st! 2014. I love growing and smoking, but growing puts me in a nice place!! My very first one out of the shoot I had a plant hermie on me!! So I cut it early, make oils bubble. That was actually fun to make bubble.

I too find something very therapeutic about these plants, or rather plants in general.

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It’s all good my friend,
I Like coming here to this forum because your going to get an answer from someone and we all do the same thing, we grow weed !
It puts all of us in that special place !


Just FYI my spelling is TERRIABLE so sorry. So now I am flushing the GreenCrack with GH FloraKleen and I am going to try and flush for one week. I have already cut all of the leaves off. Is that ok to do during this time? I am just about to start flushing the SSH. So that it should finish on time. What do you use?

I just water and no nutrients, The plant will use up what it has stored up
That’s what I do.


I am trying gh flush. I hear that several are having a problem with GH. DONT DONT bring that up in my thread please…