Mars COB first test

Received mars cob, for the grow Ill be using:
Pots: 2- 7 gal fabric pots from VIVOSUN

medium :
We’re growing these babies in a mix of Pro mix Veg and Herb + Potting with added Perlite

2- 4 inch 190 / 210 CFM inline and exhaust from iPower and Vivosun
2 small Usb fans to move air around in the tent

Light will be only the Mars Hydro Cob grow light.

The light is being kept at about 20inches away from the babies and the babies have been under the light for 2 days now.

Let’s see how these strains take to the new light!


NIce start to your grow, looks great!! @smokevera

looks great @smokevera what strains are you growing?

Thank you buddy! @Screwauger

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Thanks bro, they are Gorilla Bomb & Tutankhamen

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those sound like some strains @smokevera

Nice! What’s the meanwell part number on that driver?

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OK, it HLG-100H-54A

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So now everything is good, the cob running perfectly, without ventilation the tent with the single Mars cob light sat at 24.1C ( 23C room temp ) with the door partially open. Which was pretty good for the small 2x3 tent and shows great potential for micro grows.

The girls are taking really well to the light and have no stretch at 20 inches.


There isn’t much to update this early on, the girls are nice and healthy and setting up some deep roots in their 7 gallon pots. They’re 9 days old today! The larger one is the Tutankhamon.

As for the performance of the light. The one thing you won’t get is a heat issue. With a small exhaust fan It’s not much warmer than the room.
I can see this cob making excellent micro grow light with the very powerful cob and the heatsink that works to keep it cool as a cucumber.


Awesome! Did they give you any data sbout which led they use? And what about was the cost? I’ve been building cob lights for quite some time. Just trying to figure out some cost vs performance data to see how this stacks up.

Yes, they use Cree cxb 3590 cob, and some Osram chips added. Had talked with their rep on instagram, and he give me a discount code. so i get the mars cob with USD226. The shipping is so fast, only two days after i placed order. So far i’m very satisfied with the light.

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I thought they advertised using a cxb. I couldn’t figure out why they used a 54 volt driver. The cxb 3590 is available in 36v and 72v versions. Makes perfect sense now if they have additional diodes on the pcb.

That’s the only light you have in there? Hopefully you don’t mind me following along. I’ve always been curious how a single cob would do in a smaller space.

Yes, I only use the Mars cob in there. I’m also want to figure out what the cob can do.

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Hey folks a quick update!
Were at the point where they start growing quickly it seems! And boy have they grown quite a bit in the last day, today they’ve been watered with plain water, the tempurature is to be stable with the room with a 4 inch exhaust fan running at the lowest speed.

A bit of droop because they were just fed.


It’s been awhile since last post. had some problem with the plants. My wife and i had thrips in one of our grows so weve been taking care of that as it seems theyve made their way to the babies aswell. I guess country living does have more pests.

Oh well, grabbed some Safer insecticidal soap and gave all my girls a good spray. Even the ones in flower. The two girls even with the slight bug damage are still growing at a fast pace! All the tops are coming in and now we just let her stretch!
They will be recieving their first feed tomorrow, and hopefully take to it well.

( shine is from the soap )

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Hello everyone! How are the gardens going? Mines finally under control! All the thrips are gone and the plants are thriving. I’m very satisfied with the mars cob. Later will post pics:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Hello everyone! How are the gardens going? Mines finally under control! All the thrips are gone and the plants are thriving, i have a big harvest coming up in a few hours but decided to show the babies progress, still havnt introduced full or close to full nutrients and will be doing so very soon, they are doing a lot better since the small attack and the topping.



Glad you got the lady’s back healthy :clap:
Nice work!


Looks great. Keep up the good work.

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