Marijuana strain for juicing

A question from a fellow grower:

I want to grow outdoors ( northwest washington state ) and juice leaves. Juice will be consumed for radicular pain in back and legs with, hopefully, no psychoactive effects. Please recommend a strain.

I would think you would want to juice the buds or nuggets as well. However, I’m not surer how well this method will treat pain. Most of the active ingredients in cannabis need to be decarboxylated to be processed by the human body, especially to be psychoactive. So juicing the entire plant will likely not get you “high”. There may be many nutritious benefits from “juicing” cannabis plants without seeds, as many plants, in general, have many beneficial compounds including the chlorophyll itself.

I’m not extremely familiar with eating “un-cooked” (un-decarboxylated) cannabis and its benefits, however something to consider as to the “psychoactive” effects. One could argue that “pain killing” is a psychoactive effect. Opium and Morphine certainly can have other “psychoactive” effects besides ‘pain killing’ in many individuals. Different strains may have different effects on different people. However the overall effects of each strain are kinda standard for “most” people as given by the popular descriptions of a strains effects by the general public and so I’d recommend reading up on various strains’ described effects and choose some that seem to fit what you are looking for. You probably want something low in THC and higher in the other cannabinoids (CBD and CBN) for more “body effect” and less “mind altering”.

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BTW, juicing the seeds is very very healthy. They are very high in good fats and good cholesterol, as high or higher than in olive oil and soybeans. They have no mind altering effects at all, but I’m not sure if they have any “pain killing” properties other than the general musculature and skeletal joint pain relief found with foods high in Omega Fatty Acids.

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