Similar marijuana strains

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve attached some photos of plants I used to grow in the 90’s. Although there’s plenty of clubs around here they don’t have plants(clones or teens) that match either the appearance or the effect of the plants in my pictures. So I’m thinking it might be best to go back to seeds for really quality plants like I used to grow.

I’m attaching pictures in hopes of identifying the likely names of these plant. All of the plants shown had strong leaves(not flimsy or limp) and the plants were very bushy at all stages as you can see. The purpose of growing these plants was to help with a chronic sleep condition and that’s what they did. I got good rest and relaxation and there was no ‘head’ high compromising that rest.

Would you have an educated opinion of what seeds you may be selling that would match the pictures and my attempt at their description? It may be better for me to start over with seeds now that clubs have gone commercial with flower tops their main focus. Hope the pix are large enough.

I don’t think there is anyway of telling what type of plants you have by pictures alone, and even if I was able to see, smell and sample the finished product I still probably wouldn’t be able to give you a definitive answer.

You might think about Robert’s new golden leaf, or maybe chocolope, they have high levels of CBD which regulate or kinda lower the “head high” and are great for pain and inflammation and very relaxing. Blueberry and Jack Herer are also known as being good for pain and or relaxing or sleep and are generally well know in medical circles as great medical strains.

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