Marijuana seedlings not growing

A question from a fellow grower:

i cant get my seeding past 3-4 inches they seem to stop growing any advice.

What kind of seeds are they? How are you growing them? Soil, hydro etc…

The only advice would maybe be more light and or more nutrients, lack of either of these will reduce growth rates. Also the type of seed, the strain will determine growing characteristics. I’ve heard the autoflowers strains seem as if they have stopped growing somewhere in the beginning of their life and then a little later explode with growth, apparently this is totally normal for those strains.

How old are these seedlings. They may be too small for nutrients. We would love to help you, but need much more info. Picture would help too. Peace

Also how big or deep is the container? This can limit overall size.

left is Jack Herer Feminized & right is White Widow Auto. All 3 wer germinated @ same time. Root riot is the seed starter. Please advise. TY

In the bottom picture, it looks like everything is too wet. And kind of a dull light, despite being outdoors

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